Over 2019 to 2025, Global System on Module Market Growth is Driven by Increasing Usage of IoT Technologies in Smart & Connected Solutions

The global System on Module market is growing by the increased usage of IoT technologies & devices in smart & connected solutions across various industry verticals. The high utilization of these components in IoT offerings provides better performance & efficiency. It is a small-sized circuit, which integrates processor, memory, and interface on a single module. SoMs are preferred for the latest embedded systems due to compact sizes, optimized product development cost, advanced SoC & memory, reduced error risks, and computing capabilities. The SoM market has a high growth potential owing to the increase in embedded computing devices in industries including defense, avionics, medical, and transportation.

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The increasing demand for robotics and the growing inclination of manufacturers towards industry 4.0 is contributing significantly to the System on Module market. According to the International Federation of Robotics, the sales of industrial robots increased by 31% in 2017 from 2016. Advanced robotics requires compact & highly-powerful embedded systems, which will drive the developments in the System on Module market. China witnessed a growth in the sales of industrial robots by 58% in 2017, which is a huge number considering the manufacturing volume in China. The modules provide real-time capabilities with compatibility for various software platforms and real-time operating systems.

The decentralization of power generation in the energy sector has made the power distribution complex owing to the need for multiple devices & systems due to which the energy sector has emerged as an important area for the System on Module market. The need for synchronization of several power generators and for the creation of microgrids compact-system on modules are being implemented. Managing the feeds in the distribution network has been a challenge for advanced power generation & distribution systems.

Increasing use of advanced embedded systems in medical devices is driving SoM market demand. The medical industry is facing growing challenges to offer real time health diagnosis for better well-being practices. AI has helped the medical industry to manage patients with real-time capabilities of embedded systems, yielding improved results with high accuracy. The demand for portable, miniaturized, and wireless technologies in medical applications, such as surgical implements and wearable medical fabric, will drive System on Module market growth.

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The computing systems need to stand up in diverse environmental conditions such as vibration, shock, dust, and rains. The renewable energy resources hold new opportunities for efficient energy systems over wide geographical areas. The increased awareness of renewable energy sources will drive the need for computing systems and the System on Module market.

The Europe system on module market is lately witnessing rapid growth trends due to the soaring demand for powerful & efficient embedded systems in industrial automation. According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) reports, Germany is one of the most automated countries in Europe – the nation ranked 3rd worldwide in 2016, with 309 robot units installed per 10,000 employees in the manufacturing sector.

The System on Module market has grown in other application areas such as building automation, defense, energy, and security. Embedded systems provide capabilities for surveillance and for the automation of the complex computing for precise results & information. Retail and gaming are some other application areas, where the market is expected to have a high growth potential. MSC Technologies, Aaeon, VIA, and congatec are the major manufacturers in the industry.

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