Aerosol Propellants Market to Dominate Worldwide by 2022

Driven by expansive application scope in industries like food, personal care, household, medical, paint, and automotive, aerosol propellants market will gain major traction through 2022. Aerosol propellant is a chemical that is used to create pressurized gas and energy in order to easily expel product from a container. It helps in spraying out product once it is released from the container. Aerosol propellants are categorized as liquefied gas and compressed gas.


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In 2014, hydrocarbon based aerosol propellants including n-butane, propane and isobutene held over 80% of the aerosol industry share worldwide. These product types are preferred over other counterparts due to advantageous product attributes such as low flammability, less toxicity, environment friendly nature and low cost.


Various industries have switched to liquefied propellants such as hydrocarbons and dimethyl ether due to favorable government outlook. Globally, aerosol propellants market size is anticipated to surpass yearly valuation of USD 27.5 billion by 2022.


Growing sales of hygiene and personal care products


Aerosol propellants are experiencing high demand from household and personal care applications. Growing concerns for health and hygiene has prompted consumers to extensively utilize personal care products. Millennial population is much inclined towards products like shaving cream, hair spray, fixing spray, deodorant and dry shampoo. Escalating demand for anti-ageing products from an aging population will also boost product demand in the coming years.


Nitrous oxide and CO2 based aerosol propellants are estimated to witness gradual growth from applications in manufacturing of dental creams, hair products, ointments and food packaging. From personal care product applications, Asia Pacific aerosol propellants market size is likely to register significant growth due to rising disposable incomes and presence of a large young consumer base across the region.


Robust demand in spray paint applications


Consistent adoption of spray painting in automobile and construction industry will positively impact aerosol propellant consumption. Established automobile manufacturing sector in developed and emerging economies including Brazil, Germany, India, Mexico, China and Indonesia may further fuel product proliferation. These regions also boast of high infrastructure spending, indicating significant opportunities for aerosol propellant suppliers.


Aerosol spray is commonly used to preserve food and beverages including wine and fruit. By 2022, Europe aerosol propellants market size is estimated to record revenue of over USD 2 billion from food & beverage applications.


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Use in the production of adhesives


Aerosol propellants are also used in the preparation of adhesives and sealants. The final product is then widely used in industrial and automotive sector. Aerosol propellant industry size is likely to register growth of 4.5% from automotive & industrial applications on account of increasing usage of adhesives, sealants and lubricants.


Methyl ethyl ether and DME are forecast to register highest substantial consumption by 2022 owing to varied application scope in automotive fuel, power generation and domestic applications, including heating and cooking.


Flammable and toxic nature


Aerosol propellant products can be considered hazardous owing to their flammability and toxicity. Most of the propellants used in spray are mixture of ignitable gases such as propane and butane. These gases can lead to fire risk when accidently released due to puncture or damage of a can. Health and environmental concerns associated with the product may hinder slow down expansion.


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