APAC choline chloride market to gain traction across pharmaceuticals application

The Asia Pacific choline chloride market was estimated at $160 million during 2019 and is set to reach over $235 million by 2026, thanks to the expanding demand for this organic compound in the manufacturing of highly productive animal feed. Backed by the usage as a nutritional component across multiple sectors, the market for choline chloride across Asia Pacific is projected to attain significant revenue through the coming times.

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The white, odorless, and colorless hygroscopic substance helps in the reduction of health issues including chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver diseases. Moreover, choline chloride is considered useful for memory loss, and disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Tourette’s disease. Consequently, several pharmaceutical manufacturers have been utilizing the potential of choline chloride across their formulations, supporting the APAC choline chloride market growth. Technological advancements in medicine are also likely to spur further expansion of the market in the forthcoming years.

Powder and liquid are the two broad categories of the Asia Pacific choline chloride market based on form. In its liquid form, the chemical is an odorless, clean, and drab substance which is easily soluble in water. It is also non-poisonous as well as non-corrosive in nature. The segment is anticipated to surge at a 6% CAGR through the projected timeline, accruing considerable revenue by 2026. Moreover, liquid choline chloride is extensively used across the poultry feed and animal nutrition industries, since it improves growth and health of animals. It can control animal fat metabolism at the same time enhancing their reproduction to a considerable extent.

The animal feed application segment is likely to take wing through the upcoming timeframe, thanks to the ability of choline chloride to boost productivity, growth, and overall health of animals. Functioning as a nutritional supplement, the substance is being extensively used by animal feed and poultry feed companies in their products due to the benefits associated with improvement in mental, physical and reproductive health of animals. The addition of this substance to their products can also potentially lower the amount of cholesterol as well as blood serum fatty acids amongst cattle, preventing health risks.

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Furthermore, the chemical compound performs numerous functions across the oil & gas industry. Acting as a clay stabilizer, choline chloride supports wellbore stability and prevents expansion. The increasing requirement for the substance in oil & gas sector is expected to fuel the APAC choline chloride industry share. The segment is expected to rise at a 7% CAGR between 2020 and 2026, with increasing support from the emerging economies including India, China, and Japan. Additionally, the rising number of gas exploration projects coupled with technological breakthroughs is likely to push the choline chloride consumption in APAC.

Some prominent players in the Asia Pacific choline chloride market are Pestell Minerals & Ingredients, GWH International, SDA Products, Balaji Amines, BASF SE, Eastman Chemicals, and Sigma Aldrich. Several of the manufacturers have been strategizing to improve their presence through product development and innovation.

Table of content:

Chapter 1.Methodology & Scope

  • Market scope & definitions
  • Assumptions
  • Research methodology

Chapter 3.Industry Insights

  • Industry segmentation
  • Industry ecosystem analysis
  • Industry impact forces
    • Growth drivers
    • Growth restraints
  • Regulatory overview
  • Porter’s analysis
  • PESTEL analysis
  • Competitive landscape, 2017


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