APAC earphones and headphones market to accrue commendable proceeds by 2024, China and India to emerge as key revenue pockets

The rapidly growing advancement in wireless technologies like Bluetooth are expected to drive the overall earphones and headphones market growth. As the demand for enhanced wireless music experience depicts a rise, the requirement for premium earphones and headphones globally has also depicted a commendable upsurge. The adoption of innovative technologies by consumers across the aviation, construction and public safety sectors is also likely to the impact the growth of earphones and headphones market in the upcoming years.
How will the advent of wireless technology impact earphones and headphones market?
Headphones often offer users with a wider sound space than earphones. The product is more comfortable due to its soft ear padding and provides a personal and immersive listening experience. However, if space is an issue especially with travelers, then earphones are the ideal choice due to their extensively small size as they can be easily carried in a small pocket when not in use and are much less bulky to wear than traditional headphones.
It is prudent to mention that wireless technology has indeed enhanced the growth of the earphones and headphones market drastically, given that it mainly uses Bluetooth as a connection medium. Wireless headsets require a Li-ion rechargeable battery for powering their circuits. The deployment of wireless technology thus offers immense growth opportunities to the battery manufacturing sector and by extension, the earphones & headphones industry.
Will wireless products replace the wired ones in the future?
Wired technology has reportedly been used in earphones and headphones for decades. However, recent developments in wireless technology and the launch of Bluetooth 5.0 have encouraged manufacturers to adopt the technology in their upcoming devices. Reportedly, Bluetooth 5.0 uses Bluetooth Low Energy specs, designed to reduce the energy usage of its peripherals. For instance, wireless headphones, unlike classic Bluetooth standards, could now use Bluetooth Low Energy to reduced power usage and attain longer battery life. The focus on wireless technology has mainly increased since smartphone makers started removing headphone jacks from their new models to make them slimmer.
Manufacturers are now offering OEM wireless headsets with their devices, which is expected to drive the overall earphones and headphones market over the future. Furthermore, authentic wireless earphones like Apple's Air Pods or Samsung's IconX are expected to reach their full potential with better sound quality and excellent battery life.
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Apart from the consumer electronics sector, where else is the product deployed?
Headphones and earphones have witnessed growing adoption across the aircraft, ambulances, fireboats and firefighting sectors, thereby driving the overall industry growth. The products used in public safety applications are specifically designed to be robust, waterproof, and weatherproof enabling them to be used on some of the most challenging rescue missions. In ambulances, the products allow hands-free communications for drivers and doctors and permit doctors to efficiently communicate medical cases over the dispatch radio while supporting patients. Making the system wireless will further enhance the rescue team's communications capability. The prevalence of an advanced, widespread application spectrum will help augment earphones and headphones market share in the years to come.
How will earphones and headphones industry thrive across the Asia Pacific?
Asia Pacific earphones and headphones market is expected to witness substantial growth owing to the rising usage of smart devices and the expanding smartphone industry in densely populated countries such as India and China. The surging demand for these devices is rather vivid from the robust number of outsourced businesses, mainly in the Philippines and India. The increasing consumer disposable incomes and demand for new high-end technologies will also augment the regional market.
Emerging policies to boost technological developments like the Make in India move will further stimulate the product demand across India, and by extension, the APAC earphones and headphones market.
What brands can consumers opt for?
Some of the most iconic brands in the earphones and headphones market include Apple, Inc., Samsung, Bose Corp., David Clark Inc., Harman International, Inc., JBL, JVC, Sony Corp., Philips N.V., Sennheiser Electronic, Skullcandy, Inc., etc. Players are increasingly focusing on developments in wireless technologies, enhanced noise-canceling functionalities and sound quality with major focus on feature-oriented systems.