Asia Pacific Computer Engineering Market is Anticipated to Showcase Exponential Growth by 2024

Computer Engineering Market Asia Pacific is expected to grow over the coming years. Several government and industrial bodies in the region are attempting to increase the competitiveness of the electronics manufacturing industry to attract foreign investments and meet the domestic demand. For instance, India’ s attractiveness for electronic manufacturers is growing owing to the presence of low-cost labor. Rise in manufacturing costs in countries such as Taiwan and China are convincing manufacturers to move their manufacturing base to other countries. In 2016, the average manufacturing labor in China was USD 3.5 per hour in comparison to India which was USD 0.9 per hour.

With pioneering connectivity technologies unlocking potentials in the IoT value chain, computer engineering market penetration is aptly bringing a revolutionary transformation across myriad end-use domains lately. Contemplating on the lucrative opportunities of IoT, numerous data center companies are integrating FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) in their operational facilities to outsource computationally intensive workloads.

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These devices, once reconfigured after manufacturing, are extensively deployed across sectors like automotive, aerospace, military, and industrial sectors. Perhaps driven by the fact that the application horizon of these cutting-edge technologies is practically expanding day by day, it is undeniable that industry demand is on a robust incline. This presumption is validated by an estimation by Global Market Insights, Inc. which claims global computer engineering industry to have pegged a mammoth valuation of USD 1800 billion in 2016.

Semiconductors are being commonly used in the electronic devices such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets, and other smart products. These components can communicate with other devices through a growing network connected through IoT. They are the fundamental enabling technology of modern electronics, as the IoT devices require components such as memory, sensors, and microcontrollers to connect and perform their functions. Growing adoption of semiconductors and penetration of smartphones will propel the computer engineering market growth. The miniaturization of smart devices has further added to the growing demand for test and development solutions across several application areas.

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In the computer engineering market, server computers are anticipated to exhibit high growth and adoption over the forecast timeframe. Rise in demand for cloud storage and online services has given a rise to the number data centers globally. In 2016, the U.S. had more than 3 million installed data centers and the number of facilities is expected to rise gradually over the coming years. The rise will be fueled by migration from on-premise and small facilities run by internal IT teams to hyperscale data centers operated by colocation or large service providers. In addition, several data center manufacturers are developing and deploying innovative server solutions which reduce the energy consumption in these systems.

Several component manufacturers operating in the computer engineering market are adopting the miniaturization trend by offering consumers flexible mounting options, smaller sizes, and are integrating multiple functionalities into a single set. This has allowed the semiconductors to be utilized in applications, such as in the healthcare devices for surgical and smart fitness products. The growing demand and awareness of smart fitness products is encouraging several product developers to invest in the R&D to develop advanced products. Vendors are investing massively to manufacture several new miniaturized products for enhancing the user experience. Researchers are focused on developing cost-effective and reliable products which is providing the computer engineering market ample growth opportunities.

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Major players operating in the computer engineering market include Synopsys, Inc., Xilinx, Inc. National Instruments Corporation, STMicroelectronics N.V., Cadence Design Systems, Inc., Intel Corporation, NVIDIA Corporation, Lattice Semiconductor Corporation, and Advantest Corporation, among others.