Asia Pacific X-Ray Security Screening System Market is Predicted to Grow At A Rapid Rate by 2024

Asia Pacific is expected to grow at a fast pace in the x-ray security screening system market over the future, owing to growing number of passengers travelling through airways. Growing trade across the borders, particularly in developing countries including India and China is driving the adoption of these systems. Astrophysics, in partnership with the local supplier, will supply these equipment for the 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in South Korea later this year, thus impacting the x-ray security screening system market positively.

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Given the increasing number of terrorist & anti-social activities across the globe, it is no surprise that X-ray security screening system market has been gathering rapid momentum in recent years. Legal authorities no longer consider it safe to permit luggage or cargo remain unchecked through transit areas or highly populated commercial spaces like malls or movie theaters, as terrorist attacks have time and again demonstrated that arms can be easily transported across vulnerable points. On these grounds, X-ray security screening system industry is gaining massive popularity, as contraband items like drugs, weapons, and astonishingly, even humans are being illegally transported across borders, which undeniably requires to be halted in order to ensure safety and protection across the country.

Segmentation of the x-ray security screening system market by end-use indicates that the transit industry sub-segment will have the highest growth. These systems aid in identifying potential threats coming from the evaluation of suspicious packages, vehicle scanning, suspect scanning, custom searches through wall scanning to reduce disruption in the public.

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Growing need to scan the cargos at the border checkpoints is driving the demand from transit industry, thus propelling the x-ray security screening system market over the forecast timespan. Companies in the industry offer a portfolio of configurable high-energy radiation scanning systems to keep the trade flowing smoothly. Technologies such as advanced cargo imaging and detection are developed that provides dynamic range and superior penetration views.

The product screening application segment of the x-ray security screening system market holds the largest market share as they are used for the detection of illegal weapons, explosives, contraband, toxic materials and narcotics to safeguard people against any kinds of potential threats. The equipment is highly beneficial in cases where packages that cannot be unpacked for checking.

Amidst the backdrop where the prevalence of sophisticated crimes and infrastructure security demand are slated to increase parallelly, it is rather overt for the global X-ray security screening system market to garner massive proceeds in the coming years.

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Speaking of the competitive landscape, the X-ray security screening system industry comprises some renowned names including MinXray, Inc., Adani Systems Inc., Kapri Corp, L-3 Communications Security & Detection Systems, and Westminster International Ltd., that are vigorously investing in R&D to stay ahead of the competitors, in terms of geographical reach and product & services portfolio. All in all, fueled by these dynamic trends, the overall X-ray security screening system market is slated to surpass USD 3 billion by 2024.