automated infrastructure management solutions market to depict a 13% CAGR over 2018-2024

The automated infrastructure management solutions market is predicted to grow over the forecast timespan owing to the rise in demand for intelligent cable management software tools for managing connections in infrastructure facilities. High-density servers and converged infrastructure result in the generation of abundant power and energy, which affect the performance of electrical devices and cables. These software tools provide effective management of the cables and ensure the real-time connectivity of the devices in the patch ports.
Moreover, the deployment of high-capacity network devices and servers has complicated the cabling structure, thereby driving the adoption and demand for such tools. The adoption of advanced technologies and devices has resulted in increased connections and network structure, propelling the market demand.
The growing need for the renewal and upgrading of the existing network in developed markets is expected to drive automated infrastructure management solutions market growth. Rising technological advancements and innovations are encouraging the adoption of new technologies that will enhance the performance of the business operations. The integration of advanced systems and devices is complicating the network structure, thereby making it difficult for the operators to manage and monitor the cabling structure.
In the IT & telecom industry, the tools help the operators in providing the status about the device functioning and operations. The real-time view of the physical network connectivity alerts the network administrator of any unplanned connection or disconnections in the facility. Detailed reports and mapping of the network structure are provided by the solutions, which help the operators/managers in examining and detecting the malfunctioning of any components. Automated features of the software tools, such as installing, updating, and configuring the device connectivity in the cable ports, are expected to drive the demand for the automated infrastructure management solutions market.
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Countries like the U.S. and Canada which have been prominently preferring automation for enhancing productivity will experience operational simplicity with the development of such IoT and cloud computing solutions, further advancing AIM solutions market growth. Incidentally, in 2017, North America held an appreciable 40% of the overall automated infrastructure management solutions market share on account of the robust digitalization and adoption of colocation services across both the aforementioned nations.
Nowadays, the effectiveness of AIM systems to modify network security is making it highly popular across the globe. Companies operating across the BFSI sector have also been deploying AIM systems to restrict malicious and unauthorized users from accessing the server. In fact, it will be easier to locate any unusual remote activity on the system network with the help of automated infrastructure management (AIM) solutions. In this regard, for mitigating security issues related to the leakage of vital information and data storage, most of the financial institutions have been adopting AIM solutions.
The growing importance of AIM for security, asset management, and problem-solving across commercial business spheres is likely to impel the product demand in the future. More importantly, the transformation of a physical infrastructure into data centers aided by software intelligence will help companies to commendably enhance their operations. The surging deployment of AIM systems across myriad domains for improving data management facilities is poised to stimulate automated infrastructure management (AIM) solutions market, which is expected to surpass a revenue collection of USD 3.5 billion by the end of 2024.