Automotive Decorative Exterior Trim Market: Analysis, Industry Outlook, Growth and Forecast 2024

Chrome trimmings are also being popularized in automotive decorative exterior trim market, since the distinct shine of chrome can add a lot of class to a vehicle. Chrome trimming can be easily installed and is compatible with all types of vehicles. Further on, plastic bumpers are also a popular decorative exterior trim, however, since the plain black plastic bumpers often have a less than sophisticated look, consumers are increasingly inclining on adding chrome finish to plastic bumpers.

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The rise in the demand for decorative exterior trim has provided a rather lucrative opportunity for automotive decorative exterior trim market players in terms of product differentiation and production. In this regard, it is prudent to mention that OEMS are expected to generate 70% of the automotive decorative exterior trim industry revenue in the forecast period. Exterior trim designed and installed by OEMs offer insurance and warranty and are made of comparatively higher quality materials than the exterior trims available in the aftermarket. However, automotive decorative exterior trim industry size from aftermarket sales are also expected to surge over 2017-2024, driven by the cost-effective nature of these trims and their easy availability.

In recent times, automobiles have emerged from a mode of transport to being a status symbol, on the grounds of which automotive decorative exterior trim market has been witnessing tremendous expansion on a global scale. Right from the color of the car to its bumper type, everything about the automobile not only creates a distinct impression about the vehicle but also determines its present and future value. With shifting consumer preferences, there has been a massive rise in the sales of luxury cars, which has emerged as one of pivotal driving forces of automotive decorative exterior trim industry size.

A significant amount of research and development is undertaken while designing a vehicle’s interior and exterior, bearing in mind the interest of the consumer. Considerable efforts are undertaken to determine not only what the consumer wants currently, but also what he/she might want in the coming years, since an outdated design can majorly depreciate a vehicle’s market value. In this regard, vehicle accessory manufacturers have been robustly driving automotive decorative exterior trim market trends, since they now have the luxury to choose from a variety of materials and styles to manufacture the exterior of the automobile.

Vehicle colors have been gaining widespread attention from the consumer pool, since it is the most eye-catching feature of cars. On these grounds, vehicle owners often look to add an extra touch of sophistication or sportiness to their vehicle with an attractive color. Of late, with consumers favoring pearlized paint trims that make the vehicle appear divergently colored as per the different angles of light, automotive decorative exterior trim market players seem to have obtained novel opportunities for improvising on product design and development. Apart from pearlized paint, protective addons are also being deployed, thereby impelling automotive decorative exterior trim industry. Protective rub strips are the most common protective addons that are often used on a vehicle right from the front wheel to the back wheel, given that they serve as a primary protection against careless scratches.

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Some Point from Table of Contents:

Chapter 4   Automotive Decorative Exterior Trim Market, By Application

4.1    Global automotive decorative exterior trim industry share by application, 2016 & 2024

4.2    Daylight opening

4.3    Around lamp

4.4    Door upper trim

4.5    Windows

4.6    Others

Chapter 5   Automotive Decorative Exterior Trim Market, By Vehicle

5.1    Global automotive decorative exterior trim industry share by vehicle, 2016 & 2024

5.2    PCV

5.3    LCV

5.4    HCV

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