Bioreactors Market 2021 Regional Growth Drivers, Opportunities, Trends and Forecasts To 2026

The global bioreactors market is projected to expand at a tremendous rate over the coming years due to the growing emphasis on the development of pharmaceutical drugs across the globe. Moreover, increasing incidences of infections would majorly impel the use of bioreactors for the production of vaccines.

Significant efforts towards the discovery of effective vaccine and treatment formulations for COVID-19 would also positively impel the overall demand graph for the bioreactors market. Numerous research institutes are working tirelessly to develop a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19 treatment. According to the most recent count by Worldometer, a total of 7,695,297 active coronavirus cases throughout the world with over a million deaths. Given the severity of the disease, discovery of an effective vaccine is the need of the hour.

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With respect to the cell segment, the overall industry is bifurcated into yeast cells, bacterial cells, and mammalian cells. Among these, the yeast cells segment is slated to witness tremendous revenue growth over the coming years. In fact, in 2019, the segment held a substantial revenue share of more than 4%.  Growing use of these cells in the healthcare as well as food industries is slated to push the segment size in the near future.

The Use of probiotics has proven to be highly beneficial to consumers on a larger scale to treat various disorders like intestinal and immunomodulatory disorders. Additionally, growing use of yeast cells for mycotoxin detoxification, bioavailability of minerals, and folate biofortification would further foster demand over the coming years.

With respect to product, the bioreactors market is categorized into the reusable and single-use segments. Among these, the reusable bioreactors is slated to experience notable growth over the coming years. Reusable bioreactors offer numerous benefits such as cost-efficiency, flexibility, and large-scale manufacturing capability, which would foster the demand for the product. Through these aforementioned determinants, the segment is estimated to register a CAGR of 15.6% across the analysis period.

The competitive landscape of the bioreactors market is inclusive of players such as Solaris Biotech Solutions, Eppendorf AG, CerCell Aps, Shanghai Bailun Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Bbi Biotech, BioTron, Inc., GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft, Applikon Biotechnology, Inc., Sartorius Stedim Biotech Group, Pall Corporation, Cellexus Ltd., Merck Group, GE Healthcare, PBS Biotech, and Thermo Fisher Scientific among others.

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Chapter 4. Bioreactors Market, By Product Type

4.1. Key segment trends, by product type

4.2. Single-use

4.2.1.    Market size, by region, 2015 - 2026 (USD Million)

4.3. Reusable

4.3.1.    Market size, by region, 2015 - 2026 (USD Million)

Chapter 5. Bioreactors Market, By Cell

5.1. Key segment trends, by cell

5.2. Mammalian cells

5.2.1.    Market size, by region, 2015 - 2026 (USD Million)

5.3. Bacterial Cells

5.3.1.    Market size, by region, 2015 - 2026 (USD Million)

5.4. Yeast cells

5.4.1.    Market size, by region, 2015 - 2026 (USD Million)

5.5. Others

5.5.1.    Market size, by region, 2015 - 2026 (USD Million)

Chapter 6. Bioreactors Market, By Molecule

6.1. Key segment trends, by molecule

6.2. Monoclonal antibodies

6.2.1.    Market size, by region, 2015 - 2026 (USD Million)

6.3. Vaccines

6.3.1.    Market size, by region, 2015 - 2026 (USD Million)

6.4. Monoclonal antibodies

6.4.1.    Market size, by region, 2015 - 2026 (USD Million)

6.5. Recombinants proteins

6.5.1.    Market size, by region, 2015 - 2026 (USD Million)

6.6. Stem cells

6.6.1.    Market size, by region, 2015 - 2026 (USD Million)

6.7. Gene therapy

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