Centrifugal Blower Market Report 2021-2024: Industry Growth & Business Statistics Report

The Centrifugal blower market is set to grow from its current market value of more than USD 3 billion to over USD 4 billion. Centrifugal blower industry has been witnessing robust growth lately, pertaining to the product application across a slew of highly advanced industries. Renowned blower manufacturers can be aptly credited for this progress, as they strive to continuously adopt new design strategies to launch a variety of products. In addition, these big shots have also been investing in the development of next-generation products for various industrial applications, wherein they are extensively used for maintaining ventilation.

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According to surveys, fans use approximately 40% of the energy required in HVAC systems. In Sweden, the ECiS AB measured the performance of 767 industrial fans in existing HVAC systems between the years 2005 and 2009 and figured that the energy efficiency of the fans is around 33%. A minor share of fans were endowed with an efficiency of 50% to 60% – far below the EU requirement for the energy efficiency of fans.

It is noteworthy to mention that innovative product development plays a pivotal part in centrifugal blower industry, as different industries use different designs of centrifugal fans with varied blade configurations in series and parallel arrangements for the desired pressure and volume. Depending on the design, the energy efficiency of the centrifugal blowers also varies, paving the way for centrifugal blower industry players to bring forth a burst of innovation in their product portfolio.

 Considering that Sweden has the reputation for being one of the more technologically advanced and energy efficient countries in the European Union, it was conjectured that the energy efficiency of fans and blowers in other EU countries will probably be lower. Recognizing that the increasing energy efficiency of fans can make a significant improvement in the overall energy efficiency of the region, the regional centrifugal blower market has witnessed a spurt in innovations, with the launch of blowers with better controls and optimized designs.

Speaking along the lines of centrifugal blowers and their application in Europe, it is worth mentioning that the region accounted for 30% of the global centrifugal blower market volume in 2017. The positive economic growth in the continent combined with a rise in product applications across sectors such as mining, chemical, pulp & paper, power, etc., has increased the demand for power in both industrial and domestic sectors, stimulating Europe centrifugal blower industry trends.

In a world where energy saving is taking up increased precedence, key players in the centrifugal blower industry like Atlas Copco, Airmake Cooling Systems, HSI Blower, Cleantek, Aerotech Equipments and Projects Pvt. Ltd, Kaeser Kompressors, and Alfotech Fans have heavily invested in research and development programs. These players are not only vying for superiority in the market but also bringing more innovative products in the mainstream centrifugal blower market that can keep up with more stringent regulations regarding energy conservation.

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Data Tables

TABLE 1    Centrifugal blower industry 360° synopsis, 2013 – 2024

TABLE 2    Global centrifugal blower market estimates and forecast, 2013 – 2024, (Thousand Units) (USD Million)

TABLE 3    Global centrifugal blower industry volume, high pressure by end-user, (Thousand Units), 2013 – 2024

TABLE 4    Global centrifugal blower industry revenue, high pressure by end-user, (USD Million), 2013 – 2024

TABLE 5    Global centrifugal blower industry volume, medium pressure by end-user, (Thousand Units), 2013 – 2024

TABLE 6    Global centrifugal blower industry revenue, medium pressure by end-user, (USD Million), 2013 – 2024

TABLE 7    Global centrifugal blower market volume, low pressure by end-user, (Thousand Units), 2013 – 2024

TABLE 8    Global centrifugal blower industry revenue, low pressure by end-user, (USD Million), 2013 – 2024

TABLE 9    Global centrifugal blower industry, volume by end-user, (Thousand Units), 2013 – 2024

TABLE 10    Global centrifugal blower industry revenue, by end-user, (USD Million), 2013 – 2024

TABLE 11    Global centrifugal blower industry, volume by region (Thousand Units), 2013 - 2024

TABLE 12    Global centrifugal blower market, revenue by region (USD Million), 2013 – 2024

TABLE 13    Vendor matrix

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