Centrifugal Blower Market Analysis by Segmentation and Regional Growth over 2019 to 2024

Global Market Insights has recently added a report on Centrifugal Blower Market which provides a succinct analysis of the market size, revenue forecast, and the regional landscape of this industry. The report also highlights the major challenges and current growth strategies adopted by the prominent companies that are a part of the dynamic competitive spectrum of this business sphere.

Substantial manufacturing and service cost is a major factor likely to hinder the centrifugal blowers Market by 2024. However, major industry players are making consistent efforts to improve the product operational features by increasing its energy effectiveness and reducing cost. It will help generate plentiful opportunities for the centrifugal blower market by 2024.

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Strong growth indicators in Asia Pacific economy has led to progression in the construction business mainly in China, India and Japan. The aforementioned trend has led to progression in the equipment demand from cement and steel plants for eliminating left-over gases and circulating air. Moreover, product is widely used across steel plants for attaining uniform temperature inside ovens.

Additionally, growing population in the region is also responsible for strong growth in the food industry, which is likely to have a subsequent influence on the overall centrifugal blower market by 2024. For instance, the food industry in the region is projected to rise at a CAGR of more than 6% by 2024. Low pressure-based product is used for drying moisture content from raw food materials in the food industry which will make distinguished contribution to centrifugal blowers Market by 2024.

North America centrifugal blower market is anticipated to witness gains of more than 4% by 2024. This is attributed to strong product demand from mining, power, chemical, steel plant and various other end-user industries. Strong growth in the mining industry in the U.S. is primarily due to strong coal demand in order to achieve significant gains to the overall centrifugal blowers Market by 2024. Product is widely used for cooling, ventilation or exhaust gas system in the mining industry. Furthermore, these equipment are applicable for blowing out air into tunnels, ducts, and underground pathways.

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Medium pressure centrifugal blower market share accounted for over 15% of the total industry share in 2017. It is usually used for operations where there is medium air flow and medium resistance. These equipment generates pressure of up to 17,500 Pa. Product falling in this category are applicable in power stations for supplying air, fuel combustion to attain uniform furnace temperature. Rising demand for power generation for industrial applications will boost product demand and in turn will have positive impact on the global centrifugal blowers Market by 2024.

Centrifugal blower market for chemical industry was valued more than USD 300 million in 2017. These products are widely applicable across chemical industry for exhausting corrosive, high temperature or hazardous gases from the plants. Moreover, these equipment plays significant role to evaporate fluid or water content in chemical substances. Positive growth trends in the chemical industry will benefit in attaining considerable gains to the overall centrifugal blowers Market by 2024.

Prominent centrifugal blower market players are Huadong Blowers, Vishwakarma Air Systems, Alfotech Fans, CLEANTEK, Kaeser Kompressoren, GP Motors, Trimech India and HIS Blowers. Most of the players has a wide-ranging product portfolio offering blowers with varying pressure ranges for the specific applications. For instance, CLEANTEK offers centrifugal air blowers for material conveying, dust collection, fume extraction, ventilation, cooling, etc.

Partial Chapter of the Table of Content

Chapter 2. Executive Summary

2.1.  Centrifugal blower industry 360° synopsis, 2013 – 2024

2.1.1.  Business trends

2.1.2.  Pressure by end-user trends

2.1.3.  End-user trends

2.1.4.  Regional trends

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Chapter 3. Centrifugal Blower Industry Insights

3.1.  Industry segmentation

3.2.  Industry size and forecast, 2014 – 2025

3.3.  Industry ecosystem analysis

3.3.1.  Raw material analysis

3.3.2.  Manufacturing trends

3.3.3.  Profit margin

3.3.4.  Value addition

3.3.5.  Distribution channel analysis

3.3.6.  Vendor matrix   List of key raw material suppliers   List of key manufacturers/distributors   List of key/potential customers   List of key service/maintenance providers

3.4.  Innovation & sustainability

3.4.1.  Patent analysis

3.4.2.  Technology landscape

3.4.3.  Production process

3.4.4.  Comparison of manufacturing techniques

3.4.5.  Future trends

3.5.  Industry impact forces

3.5.1.  Growth drivers  Global drivers   Rapidly growing construction industry in the Asia Pacific   Strong product demand from power and mining industry in the U.S.   Growing food industry in the Asia Pacific

3.5.2.  Industry pitfalls & challenges  High production and maintenance cost

3.6.  Regulatory landscape

3.6.1.  U.S.

3.6.2.  Europe

3.6.3.  China

3.7.  Growth potential analysis

3.8.  Regional price trends

3.8.1.  Cost structure analysis   R&D cost   Manufacturing & equipment cost   Raw material cost   Distribution cost   Operating cost   Miscellaneous cost

3.8.2.  Price by product

3.8.3.  Price by application

3.9.  Competitive landscape, 2017

3.9.1.  Company market share analysis, 2017   Global   Regional

3.9.2.  Brand analysis

3.9.3.  Key stakeholders

3.9.4.  Strategic dashboard

3.10.   Porter’s analysis

3.10.1.   Supplier power

3.10.2.   Buyer power

3.10.3.   Threat of new entrants

3.10.4.   Threat of substitutes

3.10.5.   Industry rivalry

3.11.    PESTEL analysis

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