Cooling Tower Market Outlook 2021 - Industry Statistics Analysis by 2025

The robust trend of industrialization is majorly responsible for stimulating the global cooling tower market over the coming years. While the industry is largely being fed by the massive number of thermal power plants, which have been actively running to meet the growing energy demands for decades, recently the industry has been witnessing a shift with the increasing adoption of a plethora of sustainable energy sources. This has effectively replaced conventional thermal power plants, creating a lucrative growth avenue for the expansion of the cooling tower industry.

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The cooling tower market is projected to accumulate sizable growth from this ongoing shift, which is primarily being driven by the rising consumer & environmental awareness, with sustainable power generation techniques such as cogeneration technologies at the helm. Meanwhile, as global temperatures continue to rise the market is also expected to witness increased demands from the world’s HVAC sector with different industries attempting to control internal temperature to maintain a conducive work environment for their employees as well as their equipment & machinery.

This has prompted many industry players to develop anti-microbial cooling towers, which contain ant-microbial additives that work on a cellular level to continuously prevent & disrupt the uncontrolled growth of such microorganisms. This advancement coupled with the ageing infrastructure & strict workplace safety rules are expected to considerably stimulate the overall cooling tower market growth By 2025.

Moreover, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the hyperscale trend has recently taken the data center industry by a storm. Data center projects in the 150,000 sq. foot and $120 million range, are now considered small while facilities in the 600,000 to 1,000,000 sq. foot and $1 billion range are now becoming the industry norm. This significant boost in scale coupled with the ongoing rise in the number of data center facilities is expected to one of the primary growth inducing factors for the global cooling tower market in the coming years.

It is quite apparent from the aforementioned trends that the global cooling tower market is primed for drawing in sizable growth by 2025. Propelled by the expansion of the industrial sector and the hefty adoption of sustainable resources, the global cooling tower industry size is projected to surpass a valuation of more than $3 billion by 2025.

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Some Point from Table of Contents:

 Chapter 5. Cooling Tower Market, By Technology

5.1. Cooling tower industry share by technology, 2018 & 2025

5.2. Open circuit

5.2.1.   Market estimates and forecast, 2014-2025

5.3. Closed circuit

5.3.1.   Market estimates and forecast, 2014-2025

5.4. Hybrid

5.4.1.   Market estimates and forecast, 2014-2025

Chapter 6. Cooling Tower Market, By Design

6.1. Cooling Tower industry share by design, 2018 & 2025

6.2. Mechanical

6.2.1.   Market estimates and forecast, 2014-2025

6.3. Natural

6.3.1.   Market estimates and forecast, 2014-2025

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