How The Rise of Large Data Centers Will Affect the Growth of Data Center Liquid Cooling Market?

Mounting demand for effective IT cooling solutions due to increasing storage densities and a high number of servers in data center infrastructures is fueling data center liquid cooling market share. Manufacturers are developing liquid-based coolants that will provide effective cooling to systems at an affordable price.

Remote locations of infrastructures with dense computing features require efficient cooling due to the high amount of heat generation. Liquid coolants are enabling companies to cut down their IT expenses along with enhancing the efficiency of operational devices.

How are various related services helping drive data center liquid cooling industry trends?

Data center liquid cooling market outlook is witnessing exponential growth owing to high demand for services such as consulting, maintenance and installation of solutions for managing overheating of devices. These services help organizations to save their expenses on hiring IT experts for evaluation and continuous monitoring of the system performance. Such benefits are encouraging industries to depend on manufacturers for maintenance services in turn driving the growth of data center liquid cooling industry.

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How will increasing demand for efficient cooling shape data center liquid cooling market?

Data center liquid cooling products are produced with the ability to support efficient cooling of high-density components along with supporting Artificial Intelligence integrations. In 2017, large data centers dominated the data center liquid cooling market with an overall revenue generation of over 75%, due to adoption of these solutions to address dense and complex storage capabilities of their infrastructures.

The rise of colocation and edge facilities across various industry verticals is a major factor driving the growth of large data center liquid cooling market.

What is driving the Europe data center liquid cooling market?

The growth in data capabilities with increase in digitized processes in various industry verticals such as banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), healthcare especially in European countries are key drivers of data center liquid cooling market. Moreover, the adoption of machine learning and AI technologies in processes across the European manufacturing sector is also positively impacting data center liquid cooling market size.

Due to rise in the construction of large-scale IT facilities Europe data center liquid cooling market is estimated to grow exponentially over the forecast timeline.