Digital Badges Market in APAC is projected to witness the fastest growth rate due to increase number of startup companies offering innovative solutions across industry verticals

North America dominates the digital badges market due to the presence of major key players in this region. Accredible, Portfolium, and Accreditrust are some of the key players that are expected to have a major market share in the U.S. The increasing adoption of the digital badges among the educational institutes in the region also augments the market growth.the Federation of State Medical Boards integrated Blockcerts, an Open Badge platform, to verify the official records of the students into their systems and authenticate the medical personnel credentials. Moreover, the Learning Competition and HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation made an investment of USD 2 million for 30 innovative badge systems for lifelong learning competition for multiple applications. European digital badges market region is anticipated to witness a substantial growth rate due to several projects that are undertaken by the key players to propel their market share in the region. The service providers opt to join European Badge Alliance (EBA) organization to offer their innovative badge solutions to educational institutions and corporates across the region. EBA is an open platform that encompasses several organizations to validate and the recognize the competencies of their students/employees. Digital badges are defined as a virtual token of the accomplishments, skill, or quality of the person in any learning environments. The technology is being widely used in academic institutions and corporates for the continuous assessment of the personnel skills and knowledge. It provides new pathways of learning to enhance the skills and abilities of the person by awarding the virtual badges after the successful completion of the task. Request for an in-depth table of contents for digital badges market report, please click the link below: The technology displays the badge in the image file allowing users to monitor their achievements. The integration of the blockchain technology into the digital badges is also estimated to foster the market growth. The blockchain technology is being used to verify official records including official credentials, professional licenses, and data aligning to the Open Badges Specification. Digital Badges Market size will grow rapidly in the coming years due to increase in demand for online education platforms to provide a personalized learning experience to the students. The education institutes are integrating the digital badges into their online learning platforms to assess the student progress and acknowledge the users' learning and achievements. Moreover, the adoption of digital badges in online gaming platforms to indicate the accomplishment and skill of the user is also expected to augment the growth of the market. The supportive government policies to promote the use of open badges are also expected to drive the digital badges market. The U.S. Department of Education has passed a policy allowing the academic institutions and companies to adopt these technologies in their existing systems. For instance, in July 2017, Louisville internal data governance group and the office of civic innovation have launched internal certification for the employees allowing them to learn new skills in their city. However, the lack of strong IT infrastructure in several developing countries along with the high cost of implementation is projected to hamper the market. Moreover, the absence of suitable roadmaps to integrate this technology into existing systems of the organizations is also one of the major constraints in the growth of the market.