Energy Efficient Windows Market Opportunity Assessment, Market Challenges, Key vendor analysis, Vendor landscape

How will commercial sector fare in energy efficient windows market by 2024?

With the significance of reducing carbon emissions gaining momentum, energy efficient windows market size is geared for robust growth. End-users perceive energy efficient windows to provide significant protection from heat loss and heat gain and minimize the energy consumed by the whole building. Accordingly, energy efficient windows are expected to reduce carbon footprint and save money on cooling, heating, and lighting costs.

Apparently, energy efficient windows are believed to reduce energy consumption by over 25%. Considering the necessity of manufacturing energy efficient windows, several government agencies have rolled out various schemes to keep up with the trend. For instance, the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) came up with Building Technologies Program (BTP) that aims at achieving marketable net-zero energy buildings.
Burgeoning population and a notable uptick in energy demand has fueled energy consumption in buildings, thereby boosting energy efficient windows market outlook. Global Market Insights, Inc. anticipates energy efficient windows market size to surpass US$ 15 bn by 2024.

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Will double glazed energy efficient windows complement ‘go green’ quotient?

Double energy efficient windows are regarded as pioneers of high-performance windows as they apparently ward off UV damage to interiors of the home, maintain room temperature and reduce external noise. Meanwhile, traction for triple low-E will also continue to boost go green quotient and propel energy efficient windows market share.

According to the latest research report, triple low-E glazing is projected to expand robustly at a growth rate of over 11% through 2024. As such, double glazing segment, along with triple low-E glazing will continue to propel energy efficient windows market share.

Are stakeholders investing in residential sector to boost their energy efficient windows market size?

Dramatic rise in residential construction projects across the globe has had positive influence on energy efficient windows market size. Soaring consumption of energy in residential buildings has led to the adoption of affordable, reliable and environmentally sound energy solution. With energy efficient windows helping in energy conservation in residential sector, investment is slated to soar in the next half a decade.

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Besides, robust commercialization witnessed in APAC is anticipated to spur commercial sector. Moreover, affable government policies to complement the construction of green establishments have augured well for commercial space. With notable uptick in energy consumption in buildings, demand for energy efficient windows will witness an upsurge in both residential and commercial sectors.

How will North America energy efficient windows market fare by 2024?

A slew of initiatives such as Building Technologies Program (BTP) rolled out by the U.S. government is set to underscore North America energy efficient windows market share. BTP is set to help stakeholders develop cost-efficient tools, integrated technologies and design for buildings, thereby boding well for the industry growth.

Thriving residential and commercial sectors in the U.S and Canada have instilled confidence among stakeholders. For instance, U.S. commercial applications were valued at over US$ 700 million in 2015 and is slated to attract more investors in the next five years. Besides, Canada energy efficient windows market size was pegged at over US$ 800 million in 2015 and is anticipated to accrue at similar pace in the coming timeframe.

Europe will continue to act as a catalyst in the industry as audacious measures adopted by EU are projected to spur energy efficient windows market share. Emphasizing residential and commercial buildings, EU contemplates reducing over 300 million tons CO2 annually. Accordingly, Europe energy efficient windows market size is anticipated to be pegged at US$ 3 billion by 2024.

Table Of Content

Chapter 1.    Methodology and Scope

1.1.    Research methodology

1.1.1.    Initial data exploration

1.1.2.    Statistical modeling and forecast

1.1.3.    Industry insights and validation

1.2.   Data sources

Chapter 2.    Executive Summary

2.1.    Energy Efficient Windows industry 3600 synopsis, 2013 – 2024

2.1.1.    Business trends

2.1.2.    Application trends

2.1.3.    Regional trends

Chapter 3.    Energy Efficient Windows Industry Insights

3.1.    Industry segmentation

3.2.    Industry Size and forecast, 2013 - 2024

3.3.    Industry ecosystem analysis

3.3.1.    Distribution channels

3.3.2.    Vendor matrix

3.4.    Industry Impact forces

3.4.1.    Growth drivers Rising energy conservation demand Increasing awareness to minimize carbon footprints Rapid industrialization and commercialization

3.4.2.    Industry pitfalls & challenges High Initial Investment

3.5.    Growth potential analysis

3.6.    Porter's analysis

3.7    Company market share analysis, 2015

3.8.    PESTEL analysis

3.9    Pricing trends

Chapter 4.    Energy Efficient Windows Industry Glazing Insights

4.1.    Global energy efficient windows market share by glazing, 2015 & 2024

4.2.    Double Glazing

4.2.1.    Market estimates and forecast, 2013 - 2024

4.2.2.    Market estimates and forecast, by region, 2013 – 2024

4.3.    Triple Low-E glazing

4.3.1.    Market estimates and forecast, 2013 - 2024

4.3.2.    Market estimates and forecast, by region, 2013 – 2024

Chapter 5.    Energy Efficient Windows Industry Insights, By Adoption

5.1.     Global energy efficient windows market share by adoption, 2015 & 2024

5.2.     Replacement

5.2.1.    Market estimates and forecast, 2013 - 2024

5.2.2.    Market estimates and forecast, by region, 2013 – 2024

5.3.    Insulation

5.3.1.    Market estimates and forecast, 2013 - 2024

5.3.2.    Market estimates and forecast, by region, 2013 – 2024

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