Europe Warm Edge Spacer Market growth will be driven by increasing focus towards lower thermal transmittance

Europe warm edge spacer market is on its way to chart out a lucrative business path, subject to the strict norms for controlling GHG emissions in the atmosphere. Warm edge spacers provide high thermal insulation and monitor the window sealing’s energy losses, thereby reducing carbon emissions from commercial buildings. The thriving energy efficient windows market will favorably leverage the business roadmap for Europe warm edge spacer market.

As per the European Commission, constructions account for 40% of overall energy consumption and contribute towards 36% of carbon dioxide emissions in Europe. Hence, the EC has introduced the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive in 2010 and the Energy Efficiency Directive in 2012 for energy conservation of buildings. In November 2016, it made changes in its 2010 Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, according to which all new constructions must be zero energy emission compliant by 2020.

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Growing focus towards enhancement of building envelope by deployment of lower thermal transmittance (U-value) fenestration products will fuel the Europe warm edge spacer market . According to recent study conducted by European Union it has been analyzed that buildings account for over 40% of the total energy consumption across the region. In 2016, the commission also introduced new amendments in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive to promote the adoption of sustainable and smart technologies across the buildings.

Russia accounted for over 15% of Europe warm edge spacer market share in 2016. Introduction of major reforms and policies to improve consumption pattern have witnessed two-fold growth in Russia. Reduction in energy consumption in GDP by 40% from 2007 is the prime motive of regulators.
Italy accounted for over 6% of Europe warm edge spacer market share in 2016. Aim to reduce emissions and initiatives towards energy conservation coupled with introduction of building regulations will foster the industry growth.

A report by Global Market Insights, Inc. estimates Europe Warm Edge Spacer market to account for a revenue of USD 250 million by 2024. Reportedly, the industry was worth USD 100 million in 2016 and is estimated to surpass 550 million meters by 2024, in terms of volume. High emphasis on energy conservation and the active participation of the regional regulatory bodies in this regard is a major factor influencing Europe warm edge spacer industry share.

Both the residential and commercial infrastructures are heftily contributing to Europe warm edge spacer industry share. Both the building structures are reported to be responsible for over 20% of the overall GHG emissions. Europe warm edge spacer market size in residential sector are forecast to register an annual growth rate of 12% over 2016-2024. Increasing focus toward curbing UV radiations, reducing environmental degradations, and enhancing temperature & energy performance are the key factors promoting the application demand. Commercial infrastructure will also be a major segment in the application landscape over the coming years with a target market size of 100 million meters by 2024.

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