high-k and ALD/CVD metal precursor market outlook : Interconnect technology to witness huge demand

Global high-k and ALD/CVD metal precursor market is characterized by notable number of players offering diverse and cost-effective solutions. Ongoing need to develop processes to form thin film with desired properties for various applications will drive demand over the forecast timeline.
Processes to develop thin film with the required properties for numerous applications has pushed notable companies to offer cost-effective and differentiated solutions. New compressed devices offer high aspect ratios and thin film formation by ALD or CVD.
Low thermal stability of metal-organic compounds has lent an edge as molecular precursors. Sputtering techniques and other methods are used to deposit Phase Change Materials (PCM) which are weak regarding the uniformity of deposition. Thus, substitute methods provide benefits such as compositional control and industrial scaling, which in turn drives the high-k and ALD/CVD metal precursor market demand.
Several manufacturers are now shifting their focus towards chemical, dielectric and optical properties of hybrid inorganic-organic films in order to minimize manufacturing costs. Increasing intellectual property rights (IPR) protection laws will play a key role in IPR filings on chemical designs and precursor material composition. Strategic alliances along the high-k and ALD/CVD metal precursor market value chain are required to effectively provide chemicals for the equipment in terms of new molecules and hardware. Cost-effective and seamless fabrication of semiconductor devices for complicated 3D architectures have widened the scope for extensive R&D to develop high-quality sophisticated precursors in cylinders. Government initiatives and regulations regarding semiconductor device manufacturing will provide a boost to the high-k and ALD/CVD metal precursor market share over the forecast timeframe.
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Nanotechnologies and improving innovative methodologies coupled with rising surface topography complexity have led to developments such as maintaining uniformity on thin film surface. Increasing LED applications will positively impact growth. Delayed or slow formation of thin films may hinder the industry share during the projected timeline.
Interconnects accounted for more than 45% of high-k and ALD/CVD metal precursor market revenue in 2015 and led the industry during the same year. New memory technologies and non-planar transistors will provide new avenues for thin film raw material suppliers in order to expedite the fabrication process.
Gates are forecast to grow at over 20% CAGR, and possess significant potential to replace silicon oxide in the 65nm CMOS space. Properties such as compatibility with gate electrode material, chemical and thermal stability, high dielectric constant and interface state density make it a preferable choice thus driving the demand for this segment.
Asia Pacific was the leading regional industry, with China accounting for over 35% of the high-k and ALD/CVD metal precursor market share. Growing semiconductor demand from BRIC countries due to rising consumption of consumer electronics and durables coupled with factors like low cost, portability will drive the regional demand.
Moreover, high potential for VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated) circuit manufacturing along with the predicted increase in the number of CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) and DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) applications is projected to propel Europe high-k and ALD/CVD metal precursor market over the coming years. Germany is anticipated to be the major regional revenue contributor.
North America high-k and ALD/CVD metal precursor industry revenue is expected to witness a high surge over the period of 2016-2024, driven by growing nanotechnology and microelectronics sector. U.S. is projected to contribute significantly towards the regional revenue.
Market participants will try to improve their ROI by adopting key growth strategies such as high R & D investments, competitive pricing, product differentiation, and strategic collaborations. Key industry players include The DOW Chemical Company, Air Liquide, Adeka Corporation, ATMI Incorporated, Air Products & Chemicals Incorporation, and UP Chemical Company Limited.