Hoist Sling Chains Assemblies Market Size - Industry Trends Report To 2025

Global Hoist Sling Chains Assemblies Market size over USD 8.9 Million by 2025 end and register a CAGR of over 10% from 2018 to 2025.

Last decade observed a remarkable escalation in hoist sling chains assemblies demand. Sling chains will witness significant demand in future years for their key role in various industrial applications including assembly, positioning, staging, transportation, storage and warehousing. As per the projections presented by United Nations publication, the cities having 500,000 residents and more will rise by about 80% in Africa during the span 2016 - 2030. Robust pace of urbanization, subsequent housing and infrastructural requrements will hold significant potential for hoist lifting chains assemblies market in regional construction industry in coming years. The emerging markets for new shipbuilding and maintenance and repair projects, for instance, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Brazil, South Africa will see strong demand lifting chains assemblies in the future years.

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Chain slings are exceptionally durable as they resist impacts, abrasions, UV radiation, and chemicals and have been an innovative solution for the lifting industry. The oil & gas sector will contribute significantly to the lifting chains demand by 2025. Trends including: the rise in the foreign wages in China, market volatility risks, increasing transport costs will lead to the manufacturing regionalization and reshoring. With North American businesses preferring a nearshore or onshore model to an offshore model, demand for hoist sling chains assemblies market will be encouraged during the forecast period.

Type V hoist sling chains assemblies market will observe growth with CAGR above 9% during the forecast period. Type V sling chains feature approximately 25% high capacity rating as compared to type T. A rising manufacturers preference to type V chains will be notable by 2025, in accordance to the advancements of processing techniques.

Sling hooks, foundry hooks, grab hooks, self-locking hooks, involving an eye or a clevis profile, have been the common hook designs in lifting chains market. Hooks featured with 10.1 20.0 tons capacity, will have a market share beyond 20% in the forecast span. In case of the master links, the overall lifting chains industry shall witness growth close to 9.3% by 2025. A premeditated pulling point is achieved with master links usage, and the sling chain assembly life is extended by avoiding the chain damage.

Intensifying industrialization in the emerging nations will drive sling chains assemblies demand in general manufacturing. This area of application is set to have the highest growth with CAGR about 10% in hoist sling chains assemblies market during the forecast period.

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Asia Pacific will lead the overall hoist lifting chains market by 2025 with a share near enough 30%. The robust growth in regional construction sector involving multi storied infrastructure will result in a growing demand for hoist lifting chains assemblies demand in Asia Pacific by 2025.

Leading hoist sling chain market manufacturers are: pewag, Gunnebo, Campbell, Retezarna A.S., RUD, McKinnon Chain, etc. Industry players have been investing substantially in product development to strengthen their industry foothold. For instance, Gunnebo introduced new grab hook design having a locking pin in January 2018, featuring: lightweight, high strength, easy handling along with risk minimization.

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