Hyperscale Data Center Market is Expected to Gain Significant Impetus from The IT & Telecom Sector Over 2019 – 2025

In the hyperscale data center market, IT & telecom sector accounted for over 45% of the industry share and is witnessing high adoption of the large-scale infrastructure facilities owing to the increase in data generation and storage requirement. Telecom operators are offering flexible internet or data plans, which is driving the data traffic. The rapid increase in data generation is encouraging the businesses to implement highly scalable and efficient IT environment with high computing power, thereby accelerating the hyperscale data center market growth.

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Global telecommunication companies are establishing mega infrastructure for catering the widespread customer base. For instance, in July 2017, China Telecom announced its plan to expand the data center capacity in Hong Kong and add more Points of Presence (PoPs) in North America, as a strategic initiative to penetrate in the international market. It has widened the network coverage in the region with three new PoPs at Oregon (U.S.), Illinois (U.S.) and Quebec (Canada) facilities. Such IT expansions are predicted to drive the hyperscale data center market demand.

Moreover, increasing inclination of businesses toward colocation services will drive the hyperscale data center market growth over the forecast timespan. Enterprises are moving towards cost-effective techniques to reduce the overall capital expenditure of the business, encouraging them to depend on colocation facilities. High maintenance & installation costs of mega facilities will increase the total IT budget of businesses. Colocation facilities offer these enterprises IT space & solutions, reducing the high maintenance costs of hyperscale devices. These colocation providers are highly investing to construct mega facilities for managing their customers IT equipment.

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The demand for rack-based Power Distribution Units (PDUs) is growing rapidly in the hyperscale data center market due to their high availability and high-power ratings features. These PDUs can be incorporated with all types of rackmount equipment without interrupting the power supply. It helps organization to reduce power consumption, thereby enhancing the efficiency of an IT facility. These solutions also help in reducing an organization’s carbon footprint. It is being widely adopted by businesses for enhancing the business efficiency. For instance, in February 2019, Eaton Corporation launched its high-density rack PDU platform in North America with advanced configurability features for customers.

The Western European and Nordic markets are experiencing high demand for hyperscale data centers owing to the easy availability of renewable energy sources, land for development, tax incentives, strengthening fiber connectivity and reduction in electricity cost. These factors are helping cloud service providers to focus on constructing more hyperscale data center in Western Europe. For instance, In June 2018, Google announced its plan to launch its hyperscale data center in the Netherlands due to the availability of sustainable energy sources which will help to lower the energy costs for data centers. In October 2018, Alibaba expanded its cloud computing business in the UK and Germany. Such initiatives will contribute to the hyperscale data center market growth in Western Europe & Nordic region.

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Key players operating in the hyperscale data center market include Broadcom Ltd., Cavium, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., Dell, Inc., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., IBM Corporation, Intel Corporation, Lenovo Group Ltd., Microsoft Corporation, NVIDIA Corporation, Sandisk LLC, and Schneider Electric SE, among others.