Inventory Management Software Market in retail sector to see 40% CAGR till 2024

Inventory Management Software Market in the manufacturing sector is expected to grow at 25% CAGR till 2024. This impressive growth is attributed to the robust growth of the manufacturing sector after Industry 4.0, and the emergence of automation systems in manufacturing to rapidly increase production capacities. According to the UN, manufacturing globally contributed to 17% of the total economic value in 2016. This steady growth of the sector is expected to further fuel the demand for modern inventory management software to streamline and optimize the manufacturing process flows. Inventory Management Software Market is projected to surpass USD 3 billion by 2024. Inventory management, a component of supply-chain management refers to the management of inventory and stock to ensure the smooth flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and ultimately to the point of sale. As managing huge inventory is a complex process, organizations use the inventory management software, which enables them to keep track of a large volume of goods as they move through their supply chain. Every organization must maintain an optimum inventory to ensure that it has enough stock to meet the changing customer demands. To effectively organize and maintain the appropriate levels of stock, organizations use inventory management systems, which further help them in reducing the total cost of the inventory and maximizing their ability to provide customers with products at a right time. Other benefits associated with the deployment of these systems are reduced inventory holding costs, increased productivity, efficiency, and avoidance of stock-outs & excess stock. To access a sample copy or view the inventory management software market report in detail along with the table of contents, please click the link The factors fueling the growth of the inventory management software market include the increased adoption of the software in retail, logistics, and transportation. The growth of the e-commerce sector has led to the expansion of warehouse and inventory operations, which have increased the demand for scalable and robust cloud-based inventory management solutions. The presence of well-established distribution channels and the highly competitive retail landscape is expected to generate the need for efficient inventory management systems, which will help the organizations to know which stock is on hand and enable effective demand and supply forecasts. Another important factor accelerating the market growth is the inventory shrinkage that can be attributed to shoplifting, customer theft, and vendor fraud, leading to a revenue leakage. For instance, in Asia Pacific, it is estimated that the countries including India, China, and South Korea faced the highest shrinkage value in 2018 amounting to around USD 0.52 billion, USD 13.52 billion, and USD 1.56 billion, respectively. North America is projected to hold a significant share of over 42% in the inventory management software market by 2024 due to the increasing number of retailers and manufacturing companies, which are using the omni-channel platforms to increase their productivity and efficiency. Another factor accelerating the growth of the North America inventory management software market is the penetration of cloud-based inventory management solutions that offer cost-benefits for the maintenance of large-scale inventory as compared to the traditional systems. The inventory management software market growth in Asia Pacific is driven by various government-led initiatives to boost the digitalization, particularly in the developing economies. The government, particularly in China, India, South Korea, and Australia, are also taking efforts for the development and growth of the SMBs, especially with respect to financing and tax reforms. The country also supported SMBs in attracting the professional talent by encouraging colleges and research institutions to cooperate on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The robust growth of the SMB sector is likely to support the growing adoption of the inventory management software in the region. The barcode technology is widely used for increasing the accuracy and efficiency of inventory management systems. Barcode scanners enable organizations to easily process large item sets with the ability to pull the data directly from the cash registers and POS systems. Using such systems reduces the man-hours spent on the inventory counting and increases the organization?s overall productivity. However, with the use of advanced technologies, such Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), monitoring the movement of inventory in real-time has become more efficient. The growing adoption of the RFID technology in inventory management practices is expected to further facilitate the inventory management software market growth. Browse Full