Magnetic Sensor Market to Shows Signs of Growth in Automotive Sector Over Coming Years

The study on the global magnetic sensor market evaluated the historical and current performance of this market, especially highlighting the key trends and growth opportunities. According to the study, the rising demand for this product is driving the global market significantly. The expansion in the various related industry is also expected to reflect positively on the sales of the product over the next few years.

Magnetic sensor market is majorly driven by the automotive sector. This sector is focusing on providing innovative features such as wireless technologies due to which sensor technology is being used in reverse parking, monitoring of side airbags, remote keyless entry, anti-lock brakes, diesel engines, ignition timings, fuel efficiency, convenience, and safety. It is one of the leading segments driving the magnetic sensor industry due to the increasing use of hybrid and electric cars to reduce environmental pollution.

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The magnetic sensor market is segmented into analog and digital on the basis of product. Analog sensors produce outputs, which will detect the object, whereas digital sensors transmit, detect the object, and bring back the signal. Moreover, the demand for these components is driven by their extensive use in digital sensors. These are preferred over analog signals as these signals are prone to noisy environments and create errors in the output whereas digital signals are resistant to noise. Hall effect sensors are the most extensively used magnetic sensors in consumer & industrial electronics as well as the automotive industry.

Such sensors are used in smartphones, automotive fuel level indicator door lock detection, automated teller machine, current sensing, and several other applications. In addition to its quality of performance, its compatibility with the microelectronic components for applications is an important factor augmenting the growth of the magnetic sensor market.  Various other types of sensors such as motion detection sensors and image sensors are also widely used, making the electronics industry one of the major drivers creating a demand in the magnetic sensor industry.

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The Asia Pacific region is significantly driving the demand in the magnetic sensor market. There is a demand for these sensors in China, Japan, and South Korea, especially in the consumer electronics industry. These countries have been manufacturing more miniaturized products with compact designs, creating a demand in the market for these components. On the other hand, Europe and the U.S. also have a major automotive and consumer electronics market, automatically creating more demand for the sensor technology.

Due to its low power consumption, these sensors have significant advantages, which are beneficial for several manufacturing companies. As this sensor technology has become less expensive, it is encouraging the penetration of the sensors into new applications. These factors will drive the overall magnetic sensor market growth in the coming years.

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Some of the major players manufacturing magnetic sensor are Sensoronix, Allegro Microsystems, Asahi Kasei Microsystems, Micoronas Semiconductors, and Bosh Sensortec. The magnetic sensor market is highly competitive with the major players introducing low costs, low power consumption, and high reliability for the products.