Metallic Pigments Market Size, Global Intelligence Report, Forecast 2024 | Global Market Insights

Metallic Pigments Market may exceed USD 2.3 billion by 2024; according to a new research report.

Rising printing inks application demand owing to rapid growth of publications, commercial printing, packaging and corrugated cardboard industry along with rising awareness of eco-friendly products is predicted to boost metallic pigments market. These products impart color when used in printing inks and are gaining high popularity due to their high color efficacy which may further accelerate metallic pigments market demand.

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Booming infrastructure sector on account of rising demand for green construction, industrialization, architectural flexibility and affordable housing may stimulate metallic pigments market growth. These products impart a long-lasting and attractive color to various construction materials such as precast concrete, cast-in-situ concrete, pavers and roofing tiles. Moreover, these products find usage in mortar, concrete, artificial stone, stamped concrete, tiles, paving stone, blocks, gypsum, concrete paints and topping which is likely to enhance industry growth.

Increasing adoption of nanotechnology in the paints & coatings industry in order to produce special effect pigments may promote overall industry growth. They contain mica particles which possess layers of various organic and inorganic metallic pigments. Such nanomaterials could improve the features of existing paint & coating products pertaining to their desirable properties such as high efficiency, improved functionality, improved shape, size and larger surface area.

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Aluminum based metallic pigments market demand from cosmetic applications was valued at about USD 80 million in 2017. These products exhibit superior performance, provide high reflection and wide coverage. Cosmetic industry largely uses aluminum powders coated with metal oxides and high-chrome aluminum pastes in order to obtain various color shades such as orange, blue, green, silver and gold. Furthermore, these products can be combined with organic and pearlescent which enables manufacturers to produce several colors or effects, thereby fueling product demand.

Germany copper based metallic pigments market from printing ink applications may witness gains at over 6.5% by 2024. These products are used in the manufacturing of green, cyan, reddish blue, violet and pink printing inks. Copper and zinc alloys are also used to produce gold-bronze metal inks which may further boost industry growth.

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