Metallic Pigments Market to gain impetus from infrastructure sector

In the last few years, the global metallic pigments market has depicted an exponential growth graph, pertaining to the increasing investments in the automotive, cosmetic, and F&B industries. In most of the end-use sectors, metallic pigments have been preferred prominently for generating an appealing, aesthetic look, coloration, and for improving the surface strength of metallic products. Moreover, in most of the commercial buildings as well, metallic pigments are used for floor coatings, owing to their excellent adhesive characteristic and insensitivity toward moisture.

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Aluminum based metallic pigments market demand from cosmetic applications was valued at about USD 80 million in 2017. These products exhibit superior performance, provide high reflection and wide coverage. Cosmetic industry largely uses aluminum powders coated with metal oxides and high-chrome aluminum pastes in order to obtain various color shades such as orange, blue, green, silver and gold. Furthermore, these products can be combined with organic and pearlescent which enables manufacturers to produce several colors or effects, thereby fueling product demand.

Booming infrastructure sector on account of rising demand for green construction, industrialization, architectural flexibility and affordable housing may stimulate metallic pigments market growth. These products impart a long-lasting and attractive color to various construction materials such as precast concrete, cast-in-situ concrete, pavers and roofing tiles. Moreover, these products find usage in mortar, concrete, artificial stone, stamped concrete, tiles, paving stone, blocks, gypsum, concrete paints and topping which is likely to enhance industry growth.

The rising momentum of the automotive and construction sectors has been pivotal to the growth of the metallic pigments market that has registered increased demand lately due to the rising interest in enhanced aesthetics. Metallic pigments are becoming popular due to the enhanced visual effect that they offer in plastics, paints, coatings and inks. With a substantially improving macro-economic environment in Europe and North America as well as greater purchasing power of consumers in Asia-Pacific, metallic pigments market outlook has been witnessing increasing demand across the globe.

The estimates pertaining to the CAGR has been calculated by the Global metallic pigments market 2019 report with respect to the extent of the specific time duration. Industry specialists that have been evaluating the business environment are also likely to take a closer look at the alignment of the organization as well as the firm’s business structure. This data that has been collected has been done so based on the high-quality insights and market structures and more.

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Germany copper based metallic pigments market from printing ink applications may witness gains at over 6.5% by 2024. These products are used in the manufacturing of green, cyan, reddish blue, violet and pink printing inks. Copper and zinc alloys are also used to produce gold-bronze metal inks which may further boost industry growth.

Many paint companies are capitalizing on rising consumer interest and have been adding metallic finishes in their collections. For instance, the UK based company ICI offers a Dulux Discovery range which comprises shades such as eastern gold, copper pot and brushed steel. According to a report published by the company the metallics have exceeded Dulux’s predictions by almost 200%, clearly indicating the future growth prospects for the metallic pigments industry.

The report basically aims to present an overall analysis of the market and is inclusive of highly thoughtful insights, historical data, experiences, industry-validated data, and projections alongside a given set of theories and methodology. The report depicts the competitive spectrum of the market in detail, and also presents an in-depth comprehensive evaluation of the vital industry players.

In the personal care products manufacturing industry, considering the restrictions on the use of hazardous cosmetic colorants, metallic pigments are extensively used in various cosmetic formulations. The use of metallic pigment reflects a unique metallic effect and light scattering capability in the final product that cannot allow light to pass through. In this regard, metallic pigments are preferred in most of the skin care products such as lotions and emulsions. In the U.S., the FDA has permitted to use some metallic pigments such as copper, bronze, and aluminum, which has encouraged giants in metallic pigments market to manufacture these eco-friendly and non-VOC content products on a large scale.

Metallic pigments market share is competitive and fairly fragmented among several key manufacturers including Sun Chemical Corporation, BASF SE, Toyo Aluminum K.K., Clariant, Carl Schlenk AG and Silberline Manufacturing. Prominent industry participants have adopted the strategy of frequent product launches in order to improve customer satisfaction and promote market growth. Moreover, manufacturers are also investing in technological innovation to improve product quality and ensure regulatory compliance.

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