People Counting System Market Outlook | North America to Come Up as a Lucrative Growth Ground by 2025

Regionally speaking, North America has been touted to emerge as a viable growth ground for people counting system market. Powered by the presence of numerous system developers in application industries and the robust adoption of technical advancements across the economies of U.S. and Canada, the North America people counting system market has been growing at an exceptionally rapid pace. The regional industry is touted to depict commendable gains in the years ahead, as the continent continues to witness the proliferation of technologically advanced transportation facilities incorporating automated management systems and the smart city projects.

Increasing demand for the effective technologies to analyze, detect and convert potential customers, and for enhancing business sales and profitability is the major factor propelling the people counting system market. Several industrial sectors such as hospitals, restaurants, pubs and clubs are witnessing high adoption of the technology for tracking the number of customers entering or exiting the facility. These systems help companies to develop effective sales and marketing strategies for attracting the customers and analyzing the buying behavior. These strategies will further help them to compete with the major companies in terms of customer base and sales revenue. Such factors are predicted to boost the people counting system market growth.

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In the people counting system market, entertainment & hospitality sector is witnessing high adoption of these systems due to the increase in customer crowd in restaurants, events, clubs and hotels. The adoption of these counting technologies in pubs, clubs and bars is growing rapidly with the increasing interest of the young generation to visit these places. These facilities have limited floor space which forces them to count the number of people entering the club, to avoid over crowded floor space. Moreover, with the increased adoption of the system, these clubs are benefited with the sales statistics that help them analyze the daily customer sales and number.

The increasing adoption of hardware components in the people counting system market is a major factor driving the industrial demand. Technological advancements and innovations in the industry have led to the development of new and modern components for improving system efficiency. Manufacturers in the people counting system market are offering different types of camera technologies for capturing the customer and traffic statistics. PTZ cameras are the major hardware components, which have high adoption rates due to the increased flexibility of these devices to zoom and tilt for capturing the view of the entire facility or room.

The thermal imaging technology is witnessing a steady adoption in the people counting system market due to the increased effectiveness of the system with the integration of thermal sensors as compared to other technologies. The sensors offer more accurate foot traffic information than infrared, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi technologies, encouraging application segments to adopt thermal sensing counters.

Considering the aforementioned efforts undertaken by prominent industry players, it is clear that the people counting system market would depict tremendous growth in the coming years. The competitive spectrum of this industry is quite diverse, and consists of renowned companies such as HELLA Aglaia Mobile Vision, RetailNext Inc., Iris-GmbH Infrared & Intelligent Sensors, InfraRed Integrated Systems Ltd., Infodev Electronic Designers International Inc., FLIR Systems Inc. and Eurotech, among others.

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