Polymer Concrete Market By Regional Statistics & Growth Forecast 2019-2025

Polymer Concrete  Market Size, Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook (Americas, APAC and EMEA), Application Development status, Price Trend, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2019-2025.

Polymer concrete market for Asia Pacific achieved the maximum revenue that summed up over USD 270 million in 2017. This is due to swift industrial development and urbanization which is primarily due to growing investment leap which are initiating large construction activities in the above region. Government is presently making regulations under structural reformation plans for the application of large projects to expand the total construction in the area that would positively affect the modified concrete market positively during the forecast period. For instance, the upgradation of Beijing Daxing International airport to make it worlds largest international airport would propel the product market size by 2025.

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Polymer Concrete Market is forecast to exceed USD 600 million; according to a new research report. Propelling use of polymer concrete in the construction industry due to the rising industrialization and urbanization in regions such as Asia Pacific and Middle East is expected to augment the global polymer concrete industry during the forecast period.

Rise in investments in the emerging nations for the construction of modern buildings and public infrastructures are also surging. For instance, the government of Saudi Arabia is investing heavily on the Jeddah Economic City project, formerly known as Kingdom City, a USD 20 billion construction project which will hold homes, hotels, and office towers in a 2 square mile area. This would also include Jeddah Tower, that is set to be one of the world’s tallest structures upon completion. Similarly, various such ongoing and upcoming projects in the emerging nations will positively drive the modified concrete market in the coming years.

Increasing resin prices and infrequent availability of some resins may result in becoming a barrier to the product market size. Specific resins such as acrylates are high priced and are also not always available easily. This makes the price of polymer impregnated concretes quite high. However, additional properties such as high bond strength, heat resistivity, durability and improved adhesion will continue to offer new opportunities to the polymer concrete industry in the expected timespan.

Polymer concrete (PC) or polymer resin concrete registered more than 50% of the total market size in 2017. These products are known for its high binding strength and possess exceptional resistance to acid. Polymer concrete is made by replacing the cement by adding resins such as epoxy, vinyl, polyester and furan providing it with additional binding properties. It also provides improved hydration and compressive strengths than cement.

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Polyester in polymer concrete market is expected to rise at a CAGR over 4% in the coming years. When polyester is added to the concrete, it provides the concrete with compressive strengths up to 3,500-4,500 psi and a high degree of absorption.

The polyester concrete material develops an integrated chemical bond to the substrate material that provides improved adhesion properties. Additionally, it offers exceptional resistance to non-fluoride acids including hydrochloric, nitric, phosphoric and sulfuric.

Modified concrete market for application in water containers accounts more than 13% of the overall market size in 2017. Polymer concretes are extensively used in the building of various sorts of water containments structures due to its excellent bond strength and water retaining properties. For instance, the US Ministry of Defense is constructing proper water containment facilities in its several military base camps to store the wastewater and reusing it after its treatment. The building of these water containers would need the use of modified concretes extensively that would directly propel the polymer concrete market by 2025.

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Major polymer concrete market competitors accounting for the total industry size include Crown Polymers, ACO Group of Companies, Bouygues S.A., BASF, Forte Composites Inc, Kwik Bond Polymers, SAUEREISEN, Wacker Chemie AG, Fosroc, ErgonArmor, Mapei and Sika.