Polymer Gel Market Up-To-Date Analyses Of Industry Trends, Forecast to 2024

Polymer Gel Market in North America led the demand for aerogels in 2016 holding high share above 40% and is estimated to follow the similar trend by 2024. Hydrogels industry was led by Asia Pacific in 2016, which will also to see robust demand by 2024. The market will surpass USD 55 billion by 2024; according to a new research report.

Increasing healthcare concerns of the expanding global population have made the healthcare reforms imperative for any nation in the recent decades. Crosslink gels will hold substantial potential in the near future, with the governments & healthcare organizations striving to provide improved efficiency and quick healing results.

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Key manufacturers in crosslink polymer gel market are:

  • Paul Hartmann
  • BASF
  • ADM
  • Nippon Shokubai
  • Evonik
  • Buhler AG
  • SNF Holding Company
  • Cooper Company
  • Ashland
  • ConvaTec Healthcare
  • Active Aerogels
  • Aspen
  • Cabot Corporation
  • JIOS Aerogel
  • Aerogel UK

Polymer Gel Market by Raw Material:



Other Polymer Gels

Rising demand for hydrogels in wound dressing, drug delivery system and other medical application will drive the overall polymer gel market by 2024. The massive water content of hydrogels allows oxygen & vapor transmission in diverse burns & wounds. Thus, hydrogels have been gaining wider acceptance as debriding agents.

Rising super absorbent polymer (SAP) hydrogel demand in agricultural applications will be another major factor propelling the polymer gel market by 2024. SAP amended soils have high nitrification, better nutrient release, reduced bacterial and microflora content. The SAP demand shall be credited to their characteristics such as: soil quality improvisation, water saving, reduced fertilizer usage, decreased irrigation frequency.

Aerogels are projected to see the fastest rise in the overall polymer gel market during the forecast timeframe. The distinguished properties of aerogels such as: corrosion resistance, less space requirement and stability in diverse temperature range will divert the industry preference to aerogels over the conventional media of insulation by 2024.

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Polymer Gel Market of Product by Application:



Other Polymer Gels

In 2016, personal care & hygiene applications had over 50% share in crosslink gel market. Polymer gel applications entailed in this area have been adult incontinence care, feminine care products, baby diapers, etc. One of the key trends in this area is China’s official implementation of “two-child’ policy in October 2015. China is thus expected to witness increased consumption of baby care products including diapers, due to increase in infant population in the near future. This will substantially stimulate the demand for SAP hydrogels, thereby boosting the polymer gel market by 2024.

Aerogels will lead to significant demand with the CAGR above 8% for the insulation in oil & gas in the next 7 years. Space exploration will be another key area for growth of aerogels. These polymer gels have been used as thin and flexible insulation for cryogenic insulation, space shuttle, space suits, etc.

Expanding needs of sustainable operations shall boost polymer gel applications in numerous environmental applications. These consists of: industrial waste solidification for instance, horizontal boring & tunneling, mine tailings, solidify liquid waste streams in natural gas & oil drilling fluid, potable water well drilling, natural gas well swabbing, pit & lagoon remediation, vacuum truck solidification, dredging waste, etc. The environmental applications will be another promising area for the polymer gel market growth in the coming years.

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