Power Distribution Component Market in U.S. to exceed an annual installation of 9,000 ‘000 units by 2025.

U.S. Power distribution component market is likely to reach an annual installation of 9,000 ‘000 units by 2025. Increase in demand owing to rising investment towards the expansion of long-distance distribution infrastructure & retrofitting of domestic electric networks have amplified the industry outlook.

Power Distribution Component Market from Indoor segment is expected to grow over 10% from 2019to 2025 owing to rising space constraints along with ongoing investments in R&D for the development of smart and compact control equipment.

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Power Distribution Component Market will surpass USD 140,000 million by 2025. Growing demand for efficient transmission and distribution control systems along with ongoing development of existing electrical infrastructure will augment the industry landscape. Increasing refurbishment demand of prevailing electrical setup in line with regulatory and fiscal restructuring & retrofitting across the large-scale manufacturing industries will further escalate the product demand.

Circuit breakers and distribution panels in the current industry scenario have gained impetus owing to their diverse applicability and product versatility across electric distribution infrastructure. These units yield wide scale deployment across diverse applications ranging between utility-based distribution network and low voltage suburban infrastructure. The industry players and manufacturers have shifted their focus towards the effective distribution and development of these products augmenting the overall power distribution component market.

Power distribution component market from indoor installation is predicted to grow at a rate of over 10% by 2025. Growing space constraints in line with rapid fund allocation in research and development for the expansion of compact and smart control equipment will boost the product penetration. Continuous fund flow across commercial and residential establishments including private and public apartments, educational premises, offices, data and communication centers coupled with similar space restraint will further sway the business dynamics.

Voltage rating have acted as a standard industry protocol toward the installation of power components reliant on regulatory preference, deployment areas, and the group of products to be enclosed. Ongoing development of low-voltage distribution infrastructure across commercial and residential deployments have positively influenced the < 11kV power distribution component market.

The power distribution component market across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa has observed significant growth on account of the growing demand for effective T&D systems. Rising demand for retrofitting of existing electrical setup coupled with increasing fund allocation across the power sector will sway the industry growth. In 2018, regulators across Saudi Arabia have planned a fund flow of USD 133 Billion for its Water and Energy projects.

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Eminent power distribution component market players include ABB, GE, Eaton, Siemens, Schneider, Hitachi, Hubbell, Powell, Fuji Electric, E+I Engineering, L&T, Lucy Electric, START, Norelco, Al Hassan Engineering, Skema, Rittal, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Hyosung, and CG. Partial Table of Contents (ToC) of the report:

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Chapter 3    Power Distribution Component Industry Insights

Chapter 4    Power Distribution Component Market, By Product

Chapter 5    Power Distribution Component Market, By Configuration

Chapter 6    Power Distribution Component Market, By Voltage Rating

Chapter 7    Power Distribution Component Market, By Insulation

Chapter 8    Power Distribution Component Market, By Installation

Chapter 9    Power Distribution Component Market, By Current

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