Remote Control Machines Segment of Construction Robot Market Accounted a Significant Market Share by 2024

The commercial sector is expected to grow over the coming years in the Construction Robot Market due to the rise in the commercial infrastructure activities. The need for advanced technologies and products is increasing rapidly, which is being catered to by manufacturers in the construction robot market. The increasing infrastructure projects in developing countries including India, China, and South Korea are creating a high demand for advanced and automated machines, which will support the workforce to perform several big tasks within a limited time.
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Technological advancements and innovations in the construction robot market are expanding the demand for automation for performing the tasks, which are time-consuming when human efforts are employed. These machines are developed to support and carry out the different functions and job which are performed by the workers. Several technological advancements in the construction robot market, such as home-making robots for building prefabricated roofs, walls, and floors and Semi-Automated Mason (SAM), which include bricklaying functions and 3D printing concrete houses are making the industrial work faster, safer, and more creative.
At present the penetration of the technology in the overall construction industry is much lower. The increasing consumer spending and growing demand for residential facilities owing to the rise in global disposable income is projected to coerce businesses into increasing their output by indulging in the robotic equipment, thereby driving the construction robot market demand.
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Remote control machines account for a significant market share of the construction robot market. The growing needs and requirements for automation and reducing human efforts in the industry are encouraging the players to develop new technologies, which would support the workforce to perform the operations and tasks efficiently and effectively on proper time. This will benefit the organization by increasing the productivity within a shorter period and reducing the high costs associated with the hiring of skilled workforce in the industry. For instance, Husqvarna DXR have advanced features such as low weight, high power, and functional design.
North America accounted for the majority of the industry shares in the construction robot market. The technological advancements and availability that are provided by the manufacturers cater to the demand and requirements of the customers in the region. Moreover, the presence of major players and huge customer base in the region offer a high growth potential. The areas of applications include underground mining, structural assembly, and underwater search and inspection. With the increase in the commercial infrastructures in the region, the construction robot market will experience high growth and development.
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Key players operating in the construction robot market are Husqvarna, Conjet AB, Brokk AB, Giant Hydraulic Tech, TopTec Spezialmaschinen GmbH, Alpine, Cazza, Construction Robotics, ULC Robotics, Beijing Borui Intelligent Control Technology, Shimizu Construction, Fast Brick Robotics, and Fujita Corporation.