Software-Defined Data Center Market to Show Considerable Returns from IT & telecom Sector

The Software-Defined Data Center Market is expected to witness a rapid growth over the coming years with a rise in the demand for the advanced data management solutions for monitoring and ensuring the safety of the enterprise data. These solutions allow the companies to access and manage their data through a secured user portal that utilizes web-based servers to deliver the data effectively. Virtualization and the cloud technology allow end users to manage, access, and secure their data in an effective manner.
Moreover, the micro-segmentation of the data center network provides the logical separation of several components and applications to group and process network security within these facilities. Data flow tools and traffic visibility provide end-to-end monitoring and control of the business information, thereby propelling the demand in the software-defined data center market.
The SDS (Software-Defined Storage) segment is witnessing a high growth in the software-defined data center market due to the massive data generation in the IT & telecom sector. Increasing demand for online and computing services is a major factor responsible for such data generation in the sector. The IT companies are installing infrastructure facilities for the storage and manageability of their business data. Software-based storage techniques allow companies to save their investments on data center equipment. Several global organizations are developing programs to promote the adoption of virtualized techniques for data storage.
For instance, Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) organized several educational programs and standards for promoting advancements in storage systems for the IT & telecom industry. Such organizations are promoting the companies to transform their conventional facilities into virtualized techniques, thereby driving the software-defined data center market growth.
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Growing demand for dynamic connectivity and networking in developed economies is providing an opportunity to players in the software-defined data center market. Several countries including the U.S, Canada, Germany, and France are experiencing high adoption rates of such solutions. The strong presence of the global companies that depend on effective data storage solutions for performing their business operations will propel the software-defined data center market growth.
Europe software-defined data center market is witnessing a high growth due to the rising demand for online shopping and a rapid growth of the e-commerce business. In 2017, the e-commerce sale accounted for USD 534 billion in the region. Western Europe accounted for around 70% of the online retail turnover. The retail e-commerce sector is witnessing a high demand for these solutions to manage the massive data generated including customer details, order information, and other credentials. Moreover, the increasing data center facilities in countries including the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and France accounted for a large data traffic, thereby accelerating the software-defined data center market growth.
Major companies operating in the software-defined data center market are VMware, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Oracle Corporation, HP Development Company, Dell Software, Inc., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., L.P., Citrix Systems, Inc., IBM Corporation, Amazon Web Services, Inc., SAP SE, EMC Corporation, Hitachi, Ltd., Fujitsu, Ltd., Citrix Systems, Melillo Consulting, Inc., and Cisco Systems, Inc., among others.
The players in the software-defined data center market are developing solutions for enhancing the security and safety of the industrial data. These companies are adopting several strategies for capturing the widespread customer base in the software-defined data center market. For instance, in August 2014, HP and VMware collaborated to expand their business offerings in the market. VMware Workspace ONE will be added to the HP's Device as a Service (DaaS) platform.