Solid State Drive (SSD) Market Has a Promising Future Ahead

The U.S. Solid State Drive (SSD) Market is expected to witness growth that can be attributed to the increasing demand for advanced computing systems, flourishing cloud computing, and big data markets. Additionally, the manufacturers in the U.S. region are focusing on innovation & product differentiation to increase the penetration of their products, increase the revenues, quickening the demand for the product in the region. A substantial rise in the mobile devices, increasing need for high-capacity storage devices, and a high number of data centers in China and India are projected to drive the Solid State Drive (SSD) Market.
An increase in the digitization of daily activities and a huge increase in the media transfer due to social media penetration are expected to drive the Solid State Drive (SSD) Market. In India, government initiatives, such as Digital India, are compelling people to go digital, fueling the growth of digital data. Owing to the increasing penetration of smart devices coupled with the rise of the low-cost internet, people have started sharing high volumes of data such as HD videos and high-resolution images, generating huge data on the internet.
The high cost associated with the manufacturing of SSD is posing challenges to the industry demands. These products are in demand by the consumer electronics segment; however, it is currently not possible to adopt SSD for mid and low-priced products owing to its high price, which will continue to hamper the SSD market growth. Moreover, the smaller lifespan of these devices is another major factor limiting the industry demand.
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Based on the end use, the Solid State Drive (SSD) Market is classified into client and enterprise. In SSD market, the growing need for fast and reliable data storage options has generated plenty of opportunities in the consumer and enterprise sector. Clients, who require fast and efficient solutions are increasingly adopting these devices. Many premium computers and & laptop manufacturers are utilizing this technology as the primary device memory, making them popular amongst clients. Enterprises are giving preference to these devices over HDDs as these systems consume lesser energy, decrease sprawl, and lead to a lesser environmental footprint.
Based on the types in the Solid State Drive (SSD) Market, the product is classified into two categories, internal and external. It can be used as an internal memory storage for personal computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones and they can be used as an external memory storing device. The industry is currently witnessing an increasing use of external devices due to their portable nature. An external device is expensive & slower; however, it can be attached to devices through FireWire or USB.
Key players in the Solid State Drive (SSD) Market include Samsung Electronics Co., Intel Corporation, Seagate Technology PLC, Western Digital Corporation, and Toshiba, amongst others. Samsung is a leading player, which provides a broad product portfolio with strong technical expertise. It offers V-NAND technology, which will enhance the latency in its products. Rapid technological advancements and increase in the R&D investments by leading players will drive the growth.