Underfloor Heating Market by Opportunity Analysis & Growth Forecast Report to 2026

The Latin America underfloor heating market will witness growth owing to the rising disposable incomes along with growing demand for space heating. The ongoing investments toward the establishment of new commercial sector infrastructure will stimulate product demand in MEA region.

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Underfloor heating market is expected to witness a lucrative rate of growth over the forthcoming time period owing to the growing demand for cost-effective heating and due to rapid commercialization & urbanization.

This method along with radiant heat released from the floor carries warmth to the floor level and gives more heat distribution than traditional heating methods. This implies that the whole floor acts as a huge radiant heating system, which warms people rather than objects implying that there is no danger of overheating or wastage of energy. The underfloor heating offers benefits like comfort, ease of installation.

The underfloor heating utilizes the principle of waves of heat rising through the air. This could either be a dry system, wherein electric coils are positioned under the floor which will heat up the system once it is turned on, or it could be a wet system in which pumps warm up the water through pipes under the floor.

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It is possible to install the electric based underfloor heating systems at home without any discomfort. The heating system tends to distribute heat consistently around each room. Since the heat is evenly distributed in all rooms, it is considered to be an efficient method of heating in comparison to a radiator. In addition to this, it is considered a very desirable feature for home buyers, so having an underfloor heating device would be an added advantage to any property.

The individual wires can stretch or reach every nook and corner of the room, while heating mats generally cover large areas, thereby increasing the underfloor heating market demand. The other heating system - hydronic underfloor heating is considered as an energy efficient as well as renewable solution for households. It is capable of working constantly during the winter season.

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There are two types of underfloor heating systems namely electric underfloor heating and hydronic underfloor heating. The electric-based underfloor heating systems works on a network of ultra-thin heating wires which are installed under the floor to heat up. In addition, one could go for heating mats or individual wires, according to the shape of the room.

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