Vehicle Tracking Device Market: Emerging Technologies, Competitive Landscape & Regional Forecast to 2025

The size of vehicle tracking device market was registered at USD 600 million in the year 2028 and is anticipated to cross USD 3 billion by 2025. Between the period 2019-2025, the market is expected to register a CAGR of 20%

The global vehicle tracking device market size has witnessed an unprecedented growth rate owing to enhanced fleet management techniques which are reducing operation cost of managing large fleet operations. These tracking systems enable monitoring of fuel consumption, engine parameters, and driver’s behavior along with ensuring safety, thus making them an essential component in fleet management techniques.

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Vehicle tracking systems are expected to bring this number down by tracking behavior of passenger vehicle drivers. The systems also monitor sudden lane changes, acceleration, over speeding, cornering instances, harsh braking and driving under the influence of alcohols, which helps heavy commercial vehicles operating companies to reduce the number of road accidents with alerts of wrong driving practices. Heavy commercial vehicles segment in vehicle tracking device market is projected to record growth rate of over 25% over 2019-2025.

The fleet management systems enable mining companies to track the location of vehicles to prevent thefts and while increasing efficiency. Government authorities are also imposing regulations for the safety of mining vehicles. The mining sector is estimated to contribute substantially to the growth in vehicle tracking device industry, to register CAGR of over 20% over the forecast timespan, due to high demand for safer mining operations.

The usage of vehicle tracking systems is gaining popularity in the mining industry due to the demand for safe mining operations. Mining companies are striving towards improving the safety conditions of both the mechanical assets as well as the employees. Real time tracking of mining vehicles allows the managers to have adequate information about their asset locations along with tracking the employees, in case of any emergency. Evidently, the use of tracking techniques in the mining sector is propelling the revenue scale of vehicle tracking device industry.

In terms of geographical expansion, the growing number of innovations in the automobile sector has invariably contributed to the remuneration scale of Europe vehicle tracking device market. With innovations like self-driving cars and the introduction of C-V2X (cellular vehicle – to – everything), there is a growing demand for vehicle tracking devices to facilitate safety of passengers. Several companies are introducing autonomous vehicles in Europe. For instance, the European Commission has urged the need for research and innovations of autonomous vehicles in this region.

Owing to the increasing number of innovations in automobile sector and the growing need to enhance road safety along with reduction in operational costs, the global vehicle tracking device market is expanding at a decent pace. Several initiatives are being undertaken by industry players to enhance the vehicle tracking capabilities to facilitate precision and reliability. The major players driving the global vehicle tracking device market include Maestro Wireless Solutions Limited, Orbcomm Inc., Verizon Communications, Suntech International Ltd. among others.

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Some Point from Table of Contents:

Chapter 6. Vehicle Tracking Device Market, By Vehicle Type

6.1. Key trends, by vehicle type

6.2. Passenger Vehicle (PV)

6.2.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2014 – 2025

6.3. Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV)

6.3.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2014 – 2025

6.4. Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV)

6.4.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2014 – 2025

Chapter 7. Vehicle Tracking Device Market, By Communication Technology

7.1. Key trends, by communication technology

7.2. Cellular

7.2.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2014 - 2025

7.3. GPS/Satellite

7.3.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2014 – 2025

7.4. Dual mode

7.4.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2014 - 2025

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