Vinyl Toluene Market foreseen to grow exponentially over 2025

The Asia Pacific had contributed substantially in the global vinyl toluene market in the past five years and is anticipated todepict similar scenarios during the forecast period. Infrastructural development in India and China owing to a boost in commercial and residential projects had increased consumption of paints & coatings in the region. Germany, France, and Italy had seen tremendous growth in its industrial sector during the past decade and still has the potential for its growth. Fast-drying alkyds are used in these industries at a significant pace that includes vinyl toluene blending. This, in turn, had made Europe a considerable contributor to the vinyl toluene market.
Get sample copy of this research report @ Copolymerization of the compound with other monomers viz maleic anhydride, methacrylate, divinylbenzene, butadiene, acrylonitrile, and acrylate produces products having varied physical properties. Vinyl toluene monomer acts as a substitute of styrene monomer in compounds like unsaturated polyester resins, where less shrinkage combined with temperature cures are desirable. Polyester resins formulated by these monomers exhibit higher flash point and lower vapor pressure. Market size of unsaturated polyester resins in 2014 was USD 1.5 billion in construction application. Flourishing construction industry is projected to influence vinyl toluene market during the forecast period. However, there are certain challenges in handling vinyl toluene monomer such as the person needs to wear protective clothing, impermeable gloves are required and it must be used in sufficiently ventilated area. It needs to be protected from direct sunlight, storage temperature must be below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It has to be blended with tertiary butylcatechol to avoid polymer formation. These factors might hinder growth of vinyl toluene market in coming years. Based on form, the market is segmented as vinyl toluene monomer and vinyl toluene isomer. Various application of the product includes unsaturated polyester resins, resins modifier, oil modified alkyds, and modifier of drying oil. End-user industries dealing these applications are paints and coatings and resins. Make an inquiry for buying this report @ Key manufacturers in global vinyl toluene market include Deltech Corporation, Ashland Inc, The Dow Chemical Company, Wacker, BASF, Jiangsu Zhengdan Chemical, Jiangsu Danhua Group, RX MARINE INTERNATIONAL, Nanjing E-Strong Technical Co., Ltd. and Nanjing SF Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse related report, may you also like:
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