Weapon Mounts Market by Competitive Analysis and Regional Statistics to 2026

The rising popularity of unmanned vehicles for military and defense operations is likely to support the weapon mounts market growth tremendously. Technical advancements in the mounting mechanism to keep up with changing requirements is driving the adoption of unmanned combat vehicles and vice versa. Citing an instance, mechanical engineers working for the United States Army have developed a new stable mount for remotely controlled weapon systems. In 2019, the U.S. Army secured a patent for the same.

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Weapon mounts help meet the needs of a modern defense personnel, Giving weapon systems more maneuverability and flexibility. Weapon mounts are generally affixed to land-based combat vehicles, submarines, boats, and helicopters. Modular weapon mounting system also offers increased security and fast accessibility, which is favoring their adoption.

From a regional frame of reference, Latin America weapon mounts market is likely to grow at a CAGR of more than 1.5% over the forecast time period.

The weapon mounts market is projected to expand exponentially over the coming years owing to increasing defense expenditures, rising use of remotely operated weapon systems, and advancements in the field of weapons technology. Additionally, the increasing external as well as internal security threats are further boosting the need for advanced weapon systems as deterrents, which in turn is surging the demand for weapon mounts.

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At present, remote weapons stations deployed on sea, air, and land-based combat platforms are majorly being utilized. This has substantially increased the demand for weapon mounts. Among these, the Naval remote weapon system is responsible for creating a considerable product demand, especially for custom designed units that can be utilized in the harsh sea conditions and mounted on ships or vessels.

The new weapon mount basically has over five metal components which are fused together. Out of the five components, three are legs that are made of square steel. The new mount design is adequately rigid and prevents jamming while firing. The product was specifically designed to attach to remotely operated weapon systems or to the bed of the Humvee.

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Middle East & Africa weapon mounts market is likely to clutch more than 20% of share in the market owing to ongoing civil wars in the region. The surge in defense expenditures in countries like the UAE, and Israel is further fueling industry growth in the region. Recently in July 2020, the President of Israel reportedly called for a $964 million rise to the country's defense budget.

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