How will Virtual Private Server Market Share be Impacted by the Growth of SMEs?

Virtual private server market is slated to amass substantial returns over the coming years owing to the rapid advancement of technologies, like edge computing to power the rising penetration of augmented reality content and internet of things (IoT). The increased number of consumer mobile devices presents a promising revenue source for the global (VPS) industry due to a broad application scope. Rising investments towards digitization of businesses will significantly fuel the market outlook over the forecast period.

What are the prominent factors influencing virtual private server industry trends?

Growing adoption of cloud technology, internet of things (IoT) and virtualization technologies amongst majority of the industry verticals could immensely transform the virtual private server market in the forthcoming years. The advantages of advanced virtual private servers are gradually making organizations realize the importance of shifting their architecture to more secure networks for safeguarding crucial information. The demand for cost-efficient server hosting solutions to replace physical servers that are more expensive to maintain is further reinforcing VPS industry stance.

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How will the growth of SMEs contribute towards the expansion of global virtual private server industry size?

Small and medium sized enterprises today are creating abundant opportunities globally to scale up and enhance productivity, by accelerating innovations and unveiling novel technologies. VPS enables SMEs to have a steadfast, reliable virtual server through services like per pay-as-you-use models, that lets them pay for the resources according to their requirements. Due to the rise in adoption of virtualization technology instead of physical components, the SMEs segment in virtual private server market is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 18% over 2019-2025.

Will Asia Pacific emerge as a promising regional contender for virtual private server industry share?

 Presence of several big IT companies and rapid emergence of SMES in developing countries like India and China has led to substantial investments being made towards R&D programs aimed at product innovations, thereby accelerating VPS demand in the region. Network based providers in the Asia Pacific are eventually turning to virtual applications for deploying new functionalities more swiftly, allowing them to operate at a faster and economical pace. APAC virtual private server market is anticipated to witness augmented growth rate due increased support offered by governments to build data centres, which are essential in the deployment of virtual services.