X-Ray Security Screening System Market in Asia Pacific Region is Expected to Experience High Growth Rate Over the Coming Years

One of the impelling factor behind Asia Pacific being a new investment hub for X-ray security screening system market players is its robustly expanding aviation industry. Amidst the backdrop of a growing middle & upper middle-class population in key emerging economies and the momentous growth of intercontinental hubs in APAC, the regional air transport market is continuously expanding its nucleus. According to reliable reports of November 2017, the passenger traffic at Asia Pacific airports grew by 11% than that recorded in the previous year. Rapid industrialization & urbanization trends in countries such as China, India, Indonesia, and Korea, have drastically fueled passenger travels in both the domestic and international sector, consequently leading to Asia Pacific evolving as a rather profitable ground for X-ray security screening system market growth.

There is a substantial increase in airport construction and modernization activities which is further propelling x-ray security screening system market demand. For instance, in September 2017, the Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) and its managing Allegheny County Airport Authority (ACAA) announced that they had initiated a USD 1.1 billion terminal modernization plan. The plan places a high focus on improving the efficiency of the security screening process by installing new technologies that can detect the presence of contraband in luggage and on travelers and aims to replace traditional security processes.

Segmentation of the x-ray security screening system market by end-use indicates that the transit industry sub-segment will have the highest growth. These systems aid in identifying potential threats coming from the evaluation of suspicious packages, vehicle scanning, suspect scanning, custom searches through wall scanning to reduce disruption in the public.

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The product screening application segment of the x-ray security screening system market holds the largest market share as they are used for the detection of illegal weapons, explosives, contraband, toxic materials and narcotics to safeguard people against any kinds of potential threats. The equipment is highly beneficial in cases where packages that cannot be unpacked for checking.

Growing need to scan the cargos at the border checkpoints is driving the demand from transit industry, thus propelling the x-ray security screening system market over the forecast timespan. Companies in the industry offer a portfolio of configurable high-energy radiation scanning systems to keep the trade flowing smoothly. Technologies such as advanced cargo imaging and detection are developed that provides dynamic range and superior penetration views.

X-ray security screening system market players Adani Systems Inc., MinXray, Inc., L-3 Communications Security & Detection Systems, Kapri Corp, Smiths Detection, OSI Systems, Inc., Astrophysics Inc., Autoclear LLC, Scanna MSC, and Vanderlande.

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